Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When We Were Young

You caught me off guard when I was making us breakfast in my little attic kitchen so small your tall cotton-shirted self filled all the negative space

I could hardly see my blue pottery behind you as you folded yourself into the opening by the dropleaf table pushed up against my lace curtains and asked me to marry you

I said yes and got teary and you swivelled out to the hall and dug through your coat pockets, finding a little green box holding a treasure. You had been carrying it for weeks

We married and invited all the children we loved to be a part of it. The girls still have their flower girl dresses. The boys laugh when I tell them they were so cute.

Nine years and they grew up and we stayed young. I think it must have been the magic on that day when the snowflakes sparkled and swirled.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

For those of you who are so patiently waiting to hear of our landscaping endeavours this fall, a post is forthcoming! :)