Saturday, September 26, 2009

So long, and thanks for all the fish

The signs are there. I can't deny it. I've seen you looking for your suitcases.

My tender flowers, nestled at the back entrance, I can see you are almost ready to go.

Dear flowers, I am delighted to say, you have all been great summer guests.

I hear from the weatherman that it's only a matter of days, or even hours. So as my toddler would say, "Bye bye flowers!" Please tell your relatives they are welcome to join us next year.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn at the Gate

So, the Autumn Equinox will arrive within the day. No wonder I was feeling spooky on Sunday afternoon as I wandered, coffee in hand, through the garden centre. I thought maybe it was the slightly Klezmer-sounding flute music they were playing that got me to thinking about Tom Waits and that play I so love, Black Rider.

Or maybe it was the stone water features all burbling away in the lean golden light of late afternoon, their leafy patterns, stone lions and carved acorns looking more pagan than suburban.

Maybe it was the ragged remains of the last trees for sale, listing against each other.

Either way, I needed to temper the cheer of my front step flowers with something a little darker.

So I got this little fellow.

He added just the touch I was looking for. To me he spoke of rustling leaves soon to dance and blow and the far off stirrings of the snow queen.

I added this swirl of pheasant feather (not real) for an extra bit of texture.

Ah, now I am ready to meet Autumn at the gate.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey, Little Bud

Remember the hosta I bought, then froze, then kept potted for two months while the garden was renovated?

Well, this sweet little thing, ‘Touch of Class’, has settled in nicely and has now decided to send up a bud. Now? Yes, now. Sept. 16 to be exact.

I hope I get to see it bloom before this warm, sunny autumn takes a turn in the other direction. This is my first summer with this hosta so maybe this is typical for this hosta when planted in zone 3b - or maybe things are just a little off this year?

Either way, I'm delighted to see it. Bloom soon, won't you little bud?

Monday, September 7, 2009

September Sunshine

Need a jolt of September sunshine? Just fill your monitor with these sumptious flowers and your room will glow.

Yesterday we took our little two-year-old to the butterfly house at the Devonian Gardens, a botanical garden just outside the city run by the University of Alberta. (Oh yes, he loved it, and I promise to share pictures!)

On the way out he and his Daddy bought me this bouquet at the gift shop - only 5 bucks!

When we got home I added the mountain ash berries from one of my trees and some greenery from a shrub that needed pruning back.

Now they sit on my mantel in the family room and radiate good cheer out into the hallway.

Hope September is sending good cheer your way!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Evening Cloak

You know, I start to crave the robust colours of fall this time of year. I'm not normally a bright colours person, in my personal style (except perhaps red), home decor or plantings. However, September finds me staring and smiling at bright yellows and brilliant reds and purples.

Maybe because I know this time of blazing colour is so fleeting or because there is just such a flamboyant farewell to it. Mother Nature leaves the summer party by throwing on her red and gold embroidered cloak and tossing her hair over her shoulders. I would love to leave a party with that much panache.