Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My new garden boyfriend

There’s a new man in my garden and he is a little fierce looking, don’t cha think? I mean, all that long hair and what about those teeth? I’m okay with it though. Because, really, he is quite the pussycat.

Since he appears to be sticking around we have named him Lionel (after a favourite character in the show As Time Goes By.) I have a bit of a crush on him actually. He is the strong, silent type and doesn’t ask for much besides a drink now and then (like many men).


He brings a certain ambience to the garden and soothes us with his gentle song after a long day. To be truthful, we don’t know how we lived without him for so long.

I find myself wanting to plant at his feet. First, I moved a languishing maidenhair fern from a too shady spot to his base. It will keep the ostrich fern beside him company. Next, perhaps a silvery fern like the Japanese Painted Fern?

I don’t want the spot to get busy and plan to stick with a pretty monochromatic palette with emphasis on texture and maybe one or two stunning plants that bloom in succession. How about something with some white candle-shaped flowers to contrast against his dark complexion? Off to his side is a Limelight hydrangea which I think will look gorgeous against him later in the summer.

I am open to suggestions from all you experts with such good taste. The bed is south facing but gets dappled light for most of the day. I know he will appreciate your efforts.

I think maybe he likes to be adorned, and, um, admired. :)