Monday, May 20, 2013

The plant that makes you go 'Awwww'

I know the Internet is full of cute kittens and giggling babies doing adorable things, but really, is there anything cuter than muscari? I think not. We planted 30 bulbs of the 'magic carpet' mix last fall in our flurry of last minute bulb planting and now these little guys are popping up in the cutest bunches.

They are a mix of white, blues and combos of various blues and/or whites together. I swear if you listen closely you can hear them singing joyful songs.

If I told you I got down on my stomach JUST TO LOOK AT THEM (not even to take their pictures!) would you understand? :)

Pretty much all thirty of them have come up but it is not enough. I need more.

There is something about their miniature perfection that delights me. They make me feel like a kid again (my dolls would have loved a bouquet of these!). At the same time they are terribly romantic and old-fashioned.
I will be haunting the garden centres at the end of summer to pick up more of these cuties. I mean, really, after a long winter, don't we all need a flower that makes us go awwwww... :)