Thursday, January 7, 2016

Here comes the sun...and it's alright...

The solstice has passed and we turn again towards the light. So thankful. My daydreams are filled with visions from seed and plant catalogues. I bet yours are too!

My lovely hubs gave me three hydroponically grown white hyacinths for Christmas. Better than Faberge eggs, I say. They are from a local grower and were ready for indoor forcing. Well, this morning I got up in the dark to a glimpse of white shimmering in the dining room. Lo and behold, it is a sign of life, of hope, of the returning light. If I get close there is the promise of scent that will soon fill my house. 

And so I will wait. Wait for spring, wait for green, wait for this year's garden to emerge. In the meantime, I have the most delightful visitors to sweeten my days.