Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Here!

Is it fairy dust?

Is it a silver frosting to remind us of the beauty and strength of simple form?

Is it a soft carpet that muffles us and makes the world hushed and new?

Or is it something that the twitterers on the #yegtraffic feed curse and howl at? It can be all of that. We can love it or hate it, but remember, here in the Great White North, it is here to stay - for a few months yet. So, whatever you may call it, might as well say it with a happy face.

[Creation of gorgeous snowman with carrot nose compliments of the littlest artist in the house, my preschooler] :)

Don't you think he kinda looks like Ed Asner?  lol

Sunday, November 6, 2011

And Into the Darkening

It's that time of year. The light is contracting, all is in silhouette as we await the snow queen's arrival. Here in the Great White North, November is rarely cherished, or even welcomed. I think, however, we have to look into the heart of November and find the lessons in the month. What does November teach us? There may be wisdom in its silence.


For me, November is time to turn inwards and look to the warmth of home, family, good food, good books, and good music. I can't get enough poetry in November. Funny, that. And this year, I am completely smitten with the following piece of music. It is my November muse.

Hope you are finding your light in the darkening days.

Edit: If you are looking for a charming read for these indigo evenings and like YA fantasy (like I do!), I highly recommend Wildwood by Colin Meloy, singer and songwriter for the Decemberists. The book has beautiful, quirky colour plates illustrated by his wife, Carson Ellis. Find the Globe & Mail review here.

If you're feeling the need for a poetry fix, check out Canadian poet, Alexis Kienlen here. I've read her first book and can't wait to read her second.