Sunday, May 29, 2011

The music is playing now

These are the dappled green and gold days of evocative scents, delicate ephemerals, flower laden crabapple trees and awakening lilacs. At this time of year I wonder how I could ever have imagined any other time was my favourite time. No, this must be it. Right now, walking in the evening and breathing. Humming and softly giddy.

My double flowering plum in holding onto its very last blossoms

The Amur Cherry 'Goldrush' we planted last fall came through the winter with pom poms on. I love how it dances

My clematis macropetala 'Lagoon' is starred with blue (part of project for a new area I will share with you later)

My Dart's Gold ninebark planted at the end of the season last year is starting to shake its shoulders and cast a little gold dust around

The moss phlox 'Emerald Cushion Blue' we put in last spring made it through and is sending up cheerful notes along the path to the garden

The mountain ash in the front of the house is set to burst into lacy flower

My dicentra 'Candy Hearts' is flirting in the corner with the heuchera 'Plum Royale'

which for some reason seems to be calling for a cup of apple wine, I don't know why.

The garden is happy. There were a few losses over the winter but so much more is going to be planted this year that I will not complain. After finishing our hardscaping last fall, this is the year we are finally(!) going to go mad with planting. As well, we have a couple other projects to get started (hint: there is more than one side to a house and more than one garden to be created!) More on all that later as it unfolds. Right now, I just want to enjoy the arrival of the soft days, breathe in the scented evenings, and hum a little.

Hope you are enjoying these sweet days.