Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Ringy Dingy...Two Ringy Dingys...

Time to stop and smell the roses. Literally. Life has been going at top speed with a major career change and that secret season called "soccer."

Who knew that Under Sixes needed to play two nights a week? Not me--or Coach Daddy. :)

I am trying an experiment here with this post. I am actually phoning it in.
Really. I took the photos with my phone, edited them, and am now sitting in the rain in the gazebo posting them with the blogger app.

I don't see any way to format the actual post, so it looks like it will be all words on top and photos on bottom--or the other way around. :)

If the photos are on the bottom, please do take a moment to scroll down to see them. They are of the trio of J. P. Connell roses I put in last July. It was so wet that month that the buds rotted on the stem.

I must say I am rather chuffed that they are all blooming their little heads off this year. They sit at the front of a corner curve of the bed and steal the show. It was raining when I took these shots so you may see some drops on them.

So much going on in the garden and in my life right now (all good!) that I think I'll need to make a pot of tea and write a chatty post. As soon as soccer is over. :)

OK, time to hit "send" and see what this post looks like.

Hope you are all having a glorious time of it in your gardens! ((hugs))