Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pictures Never before seen in the Civilized World...Right Here!

I think you will agree the bombast is completely justified here.

I took photos today of subjects that have never before been taken - with this camera - although, I admit, that may have something to do with the fact that hubby got me the camera just this past September.

No matter. Prepare to be astounded... Ahem.

Yes, as I headed into the ravine this morning for my weekend walk I saw something very strange.

An ancient, almost primordial, maybe even Jungian, memory tugged at me until I was Ice! Purest ice. I felt the urge to gurgle some kind of awe-inspired chant but I forget the words as fast as I remembered them.

According to whispers in certain quarters, some kind of scientific transformation of water occurs to create ice. I prefer to think it comes from space. (kidding! - I know it comes from our atmosphere - which, technically, is a part of space, right?)

All joking aside, there was also a peculiar creature that could both hop and fly. I asked it its name and it replied, "Chickadee dee deeeeee". What do you think that means?

Have any of you ever seen ICE before or a creature who calls itself a Chickadee dee deeeee? Hmm, I will have to ponder these strange events as I head out to see a most serious movie, Men Who Stare at Goats - a movie that will explain all - and more!

Hope you all have some fun this weekend, too!! ;-)


miss m (InfG) said...

No ice here so far, but chickadees galore. Aren't they the most precious little birds ? I just love 'em.
Your photography is lovely. Pic 2 is just magical !

Have a great time at the movies !

Rebecca @ In The Garden said... post just vanished. I apologize if it appears twice.

No ice at the moment but we did have some back in October. Love little chickadees, next time you see one, listen for the chant 'I'm a chickadee feed mee' lol. Looks like a fun movie, let us know how it is. :)

sweet bay said...

No ice yet thank goodness but chickadees yes. :) You got an adorable picture of the chickadee. Aren't they the cutest birds ever?

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Cick a dee dee, is bird talk for "I'm fine, hope you are too" :).

Ice, already????

The movie looks good.

The Garden Ms. S said...

miss m: Thanks for the kind words. I just love the chickadees. They always bring such a cheerful chatter to the woods.

Rebecca: Hilarious little chickadee song – thx, I will listen for it! BTW, the movie was funny and goofy in a sweet kind of way. I really enjoyed it. (Of course, any time we get a babysitter and get out is a real treat!)

sweet bay: I do think the chickadees are one of the cutest birds ever – and even cuter when they interact with each other!

Iowa Gardening Woman: I know whatever they are saying is something cheerful. Yessss, the ice is here and probably to stay. (Loved the movie!)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

I hope no ice, I have not finished raking the leaves yet.


Wonderful pictures! Love the ice and the little bird.

ruthie said...

What a sweet little bird *ruthie

GardenJoy4Me said...

My goodness Ms. S ! You live in a beautiful area : ) I am totally jealous of you girl ! .. Every time husband and I hear that movie title we can't help but crack up .. let us all know what you think of it ?
I love the little chickadee and the perplexing ice appearance : )

The Garden Ms. S said...

Joy, you and your husband would probably enjoy a good laugh at the movie - we did! :)