Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The bald guy and the flowers...oh, and a chicken

And no, I’m not referring to that strange man who wooed me back in the day… ;-)

I’m taking a photography course right now to get more out of my DSLR. So I just had to post my favourite photo from my most excellent weekend.

Ugly photo, you say? Well yes, yes it is – but it is of a bald eagle I spotted on Saturday! So that makes it a winner in my books. Sometimes the substance outweighs the style. I have a little secret place by the river I think of as my contemplation spot. I was there in January and spotted this fellow then. I have been back almost weekly and haven’t seen him since. Well, on Saturday he was waiting for me – on the same branch of the same tree! I couldn’t get any closer to him because of the terrain (hence the horrible shot) but it was still thrilling! I think we must be buddies now – should I name him? Any suggestions?

My weekend continued with its all-around awesomeness. On Sunday I went to Dim Sum with a group of friends (my darling hubby took our little guy to his “sea turtles” swim class) and then a couple of us headed off to a garden centre to see this year’s inspiration garden. (More on this later!). Here are some photos from last year’s garden if you need a boost of green delights.

Did I shop, I hear you ask? Of course I did! Silly rabbit...

I got myself these three little primulas [I've heard they are hardy - does anyone know if that's true?]

and got my little guy an inchworm foam kneeling pad for helping me in the garden this summer and a plush chicken dressed in a frog costume tied with a ribbon under his chin – too cute!

And on the way home I stopped at a second garden centre that carries a good selection of fountains at decent prices. Not that I’m planning any more shopping…nosiree…not me….whistling as I exit this post.

Hope your week of garden dreaming is going great!


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What a great post!! Love the picture, and I totally agree that ANY shot of a bald eagle is a great one. Sounds like a great day all around, and the chicken dressed as a frog is wonderful. I think the primulas are hardy, but mine seem to deteriorate *drastically* within a few weeks of bringing them home, so I can't keep them around long enough to try planting them. Maybe this year?

Anonymous said...

It kind of makes sense that the your eagle is getting comfortable. He probably senses your benevolence. To be friends with an eagle is quite a feat. Great shot. Primulas are hardy but I find that they don't survive very long thanks to my errant ways. Slugs, clay--waterlogged and heavy in winter and hard as a rock and heavy in summer, not exactly coddling. Yours will probably thrive. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying yours.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet note. You're correct, Dick was featured in Recreating Eden. I also wrote about him in Canadian Gardening 7 or 8 years ago--the story is still on their website--and others have no doubt written about him too.
Congrats on seeing the eagle and getting a shot! Taking a course to get more out of your camera is a great idea. I did that several years ago, but could certainly do with more. Keep practicing, the best way to learn.
Not sure whether your primulas will be hardy--they might last for a season outdoors, might last longer. With the store-varieties (that's what I call them) it's sort of a crapshoot. But enjoy them, plant them outside when it's time, and if they overwinter, bonus!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.S, You really do seem to have spent a very enjoyable weekend going here, there and everywhere.

Your primulas are lovely but I do have my doubts about their surviving outside in the garden. The reason for this is that I think that most likely they have been forced and therefore will not adapt readily to the great outdoors. Enjoy them for now, see what happens and do not be disappointed if they eventually give up on you.

Anna said...

You must have been delighted to see a bald eagle and to get a photo must have been the icing on the cake:) Enjoy your photography course. Pretty little primulas may not make another year but worth having a go:)

Deborah at KIlbourne Grove said...

Wow, your bald buddy is beautiful!(say that fast three times, lol).
I keep thinking that I should take a photography course, (I really need it), I am glad that you are enjoying it.

Laurrie said...

The return of the bald eagles here in Connecticut has been amazing. I never thought I'd see them here. How great that you have one waiting for you at your spot by the river. Impressive!

sweet bay said...

It's always thrilling to see a Bald Eagle isn't it? We used to go birding at Jordan Lake near Durham, NC when we lived in Chapel Hill and often saw them there.

Those primroses are beautiful.

Calgary Garden Coach said...

I've planted primulas in the garden before and they seem to survive but not thrive in Calgary. They do flower each spring and fall, they just don't seem to get any bigger. Plant them out close together and enjoy them - what have you got to lose?

Kiki said...

Very cool! Great shots!!

miss m said...

Oh wow, a bald eagle ! Can't say we have them around here. I think the only time I ever saw one was out West (Vancouver island). There was a youngster combing the beach. Looked a bit creepy, to be honest. (I think he was at that funny plumage stage ??). In any case, he wasn't handsome as yours, that's for sure !

Nice shopping spree ! The gifts you got your little guy are just adorable !

The Garden Ms. S said...

Rebecca: I hope my primulas make it to plant out time but that may be iffy. They are so cheerful though, I would love a patch of them by the back door!

Grace: Thanks for stopping by! The eagle could definitely see and hear me crunching around in the snow but he was a cool character. I am going to try to keep my primulas alive, maybe in the garage window, and hope for the best!

Jodi: I am going to have to look your article up. I’m sure it will be delightful. As far as getting a shot of the eagle, I learned my lesson the first time I saw him and now I always pack my camera when I head to his territory. Think I need a different lens though!

Dear Edith: It was a wonderful weekend. There are lots of things I should have been doing, but putzing around with mother nature and gardening stuff seemed to be what I was craving. I am not holding my hopes out for the primulas, but I do wish for them to succeed. :-)

Anna: I am so delighted. He has haunted me since I first saw him. I want to see him every week now but I know that is very unlikely. (An eagle addiction - who knew?) :-)

Deborah: I did try to say that three times fast! Lol . The course is good because it is a workshop with a very small group so we all get lots of time with the instructor and he makes the technology (buttons!) seem so simple – a bonus!

Laurrie: I dreamt about him the night after I photographed him. He is my new pal.

Sweet bay: I thought of you when I posted my awful photo and how great yours of birds are – I have so much to learn, plus I could probably use another lens. I am getting so interested in birds I am thinking of joining our local nature club to meet people who share this interest. I am such a novice but you have to start somewhere!

Calgary Garden Coach: I like the idea of planting them close together. When I put them together in this basket they really looked so much better in a group. I am going to try!

Kiki: Thanks for your kinds words. A wonderful week to you!

Miss m: You made me laugh, a creepy youngster on the beach – don’t all teenagers look that way? Lol! I loved all the little gardening things they had for kids, I may be back to get him a set of gardening tools. So cute!

kate smudges said...

It's great that you were able to get some photos of the bald eagle. I think you should name it ~ sounds as if you've got a good thing going!

I've had mixed luck with Primulas. For the past two years, I'm lucky if I can keep them alive until they can be safely planted in the garden. One returned for two years and then disappeared. They are just so beautiful while in bloom and are wonderful for getting some interesting macro shots. Have fun in your photography class. Do you post on Flickr? I've found it really helpful for improving my pic taking. Your son must have loved his presents.

Enjoy the weekend!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Ms S ! Blurry or not that is one fantastic shot of the eagle girl !
And holy smokes ! you have an open garden center there ? .. I am totally jealous .. the primulas look so bright and cheery girl : )
I can't wait for our centers to open !!

Karen Sloan said...

I love the word "woo"!
Just thrilled for you to have seen this bald guy. Such magnificent birds. Truly exciting to spot one.
Hope you're enjoying your photography class, too.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Isn't it exciting to see Bald Eagles???? I have never seen one until I was in my 30s and now I see them flying over our house! How awesome, they have made a wonderful come back.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Kate: The first name that came to mind is Fred. But I know a Fred at work and I don’t want to think of him! (Nice as he is). My hubby has suggested Montgomery and I’m thinking about it. I don’t post on flickr but our instructor is going to give us access to a flickr site to post our assignments so we can all evaluate and discuss. I am looking forward to it. I am thinking of putting my primulas in the garage window after they are done blooming to see if I can hold them over until it’s time to plant them out. Wish me luck!

Joy: We have three garden centres that I know of that stay open all year and one that stays open until Christmas. The ones that stay open offer classes and various events during the colder seasons and sell lots of giftware as well having a latte bar. They are really the only kind of store I like going to in winter! One of them also plays beautiful music. In the dark of winter I escape, grab a latte and hang out in the tropical section! Lol!

Karen: Hi! I am thrilled too. I was back today with the binoculars and think I may have seen him circling in the distance but not sure. He is my new crush – I can’t get enough of him! :-)

IGW: You are so lucky to have them flying over your house! It makes me very happy to see them doing well. They are so magnificent – no other bird inspires that same sense on awe in me.

Amy said...

You have a great, new friend...a Bald Eagle(wow!).
Sounds like you had a fun day at the garden centre. That kneeling pad is so cute and keep that little guy helping for as long as you can...they soon become teenagers. Love the little duck with the frog costume!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Amy! If I can't be in my garden, I find myself going to garden centres. :-) I see other green-starved gardeners there, circling the fountains, breathing in the air in the tropical section, "trying out" sitting on the garden furniture - we are a shameless lot!

ruthie said...

great photos & bald eagle deserves a slot! i am envious, i should love to do a pphotography workshop. beautiful primulas too, i do wonder if they would last outside though. happy gardening x

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Ruthie, I am enjoying the workshop - the instructor is a great guy who moved here from Dublin about 5 yrs ago and has lots of interesting experience. I just want to be able to photograph my garden, birds and, of course, my little son!

Happy Spring!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

I just found your blog today. Very nice garden blog!

I love primulas and have several in my garden. The ones you buy for the garden or grow from seed last for many years. I don't know about the winter forced ones.

If they don't last and you want a patch in the garden, grow some from seed. I have had great success doing that and had them for 10 years. Just plant the seed lightly in the garden in the late fall and they will come up the following spring.