Saturday, April 23, 2011

And It Was a Good, Good Friday

What a week! First there was the joyous descent of the robins into our neighbourhood on Monday. I went for a walk at sunset, rabbits scampered, birds sang and darted from tree to tree visiting each other, the great owl hooted, the deer ran across the field, coyote howls rose up from the ravine, the rabbits nibbled the newly exposed grass. (Re-reading this paragraph, it sounds a little 'Snow White'. Can spring make one giddy? It must.)

This entire week was glorious leading up to Easter weekend. Yesterday we shoveled a foot or so of snow off the patio. Then we came back at noon and scraped and chipped the last few inches of ice off.

We even dug out the baby spruce my dad grew and gave to us to commemorate the birth of our son. After a long winter completely buried under the snow I'm sure the photosynthesis was like a jolt of pure joy.

I didn't tackle the north facing side where my bird bath peeked out as well for the first time in months (And I won't even mention the Christmas decorations that re-emerged in the front!)

Then I had my brilliant idea - yeah, it happens - to have an impromptu picnic. It's amazing how festive sandwiches can be when eaten outside for the first time in many months. I suspect I could have served dryer lint for lunch and we would still have eaten it and grinned at each other.

After our meal my little son went up to nap and I curled up on a lounger in the sun with a carafe of tea to read my new book, Grayling Cross, while the birds and squirrels chirped and chattered in the trees. Really, does anything beat the first day in the garden? I fink nottle.

I even bared my 'sole' to the sun (couldn't resist doing it - or this bad pun :) )

Of course, I had to poke around a little where the snow was melted and look for signs of life. This blurry photo is the columbine (Aquilegia "Biedermeirer") I planted last year showing new growth. Yay!

Today was a family visit to the country to my sister's where the kids all played outside in the sun and ran around in their new rubber boots while the dogs barked and tried to join in. Have I mentioned how I love Spring?

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of sunshine, family fun and garden dreams!


Laurrie said...

How joyous!! We don't have the snow that lingers where you are, but we have cold and damp. But still, we put on our parkas and took our wineglasses out on the patio one day last week, and had a picnic like yours, enjoying the very earliest hints of spring. Isn't it great!

Casa Mariposa said...

Hooray for finding the patio and your plants!! Happy spring!

sweetbay said...

Spring does make one giddy! I bet the sunshine felt wonderful..

Calgary Garden Coach said...

I definitely felt giddy this week-end too!
Love those toes!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

It all sounds so wonderful! We've been enjoying spring here too. Such a pleasure to be outdoors again. :)

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

It's such a wonderful feeling, to experience spring! Spring was here, a few weeks ago. Then it got really cold and dreery and rainy. Then suddenly, today, it was in the 80's and muggy! I don't think mother nature can make up her mind some days:-) I've noticed, living in VA, that spring arrives--but leaves too quickly!! She really needs to hang on for at least another month and give up temps in the 60's and 70's...this 80's stuff is killing me!

Marguerite said...

Spring is just the loveliest season. What a happy sight to see unguarded toes and patio stones.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S : )
That was all just PERFECT !
Who could not love your description of those first precious moments enjoying Spring weather .. I love the sandwiches outdoors .. anything out doors is even better some how after such a long winter. We are in rain mode but it has to be sunny some time and then some time I have to be able to play in my garden and listen to all of those birds and little lively souls .. you need to breath life like that every once and a while .. especially people from the east coast ? LOL
Joy : )

ruthie said...

How lovely to see those sings of Spring. But brrr it makes me shiver to see you still have snow! The weather here has been amazingly sunny and our gardens have gone from being two weeks behind to two weeks in front, which means i lost two weeks gardening time lol. Glad to hear you all had a lovely Eater time x

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay such fun..what a beautiful post! I love all the photos..such a sweet story about the tree and your son's birth!
Happy Spring..glad you are enjoying your Springtime magic!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Thanks all for stopping by. There's nothing like a little spring to raise the spirits. Since then the last of the snow has finally melted and everything wants to be green. More soon!

Anonymous said...

Ms S, what a delightful day! I love spring & those first joyous days after a long winter.

Anna said...

Sorry I am so late in commenting - seems we have missed spring and gone straight into summer. Glad to have a few showery days so that I can spend time indoors. You must have been delighted to see the white stuff start to evaporate. Great shade of nail polish :)

Of Spring and Summer said...

Hi Ms S,
Looks like you have taken a little break from blogging. Hope all is well and see you when you get back.
All the best,
Ingrid x

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Ingrid, between work and life I am so busy right now that so many things are behind. Will be back blogging soon. :)