Monday, May 20, 2013

The plant that makes you go 'Awwww'

I know the Internet is full of cute kittens and giggling babies doing adorable things, but really, is there anything cuter than muscari? I think not. We planted 30 bulbs of the 'magic carpet' mix last fall in our flurry of last minute bulb planting and now these little guys are popping up in the cutest bunches.

They are a mix of white, blues and combos of various blues and/or whites together. I swear if you listen closely you can hear them singing joyful songs.

If I told you I got down on my stomach JUST TO LOOK AT THEM (not even to take their pictures!) would you understand? :)

Pretty much all thirty of them have come up but it is not enough. I need more.

There is something about their miniature perfection that delights me. They make me feel like a kid again (my dolls would have loved a bouquet of these!). At the same time they are terribly romantic and old-fashioned.
I will be haunting the garden centres at the end of summer to pick up more of these cuties. I mean, really, after a long winter, don't we all need a flower that makes us go awwwww... :)


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S girl !
I am totally in love with your muscari too and now I will have to renew mine come Autumn (only gardeners can think in time jumps like that and not freak out ? LOL) .. they are like the little dolls of the Spring bulbs aren't they !
I like the white ones you have.
I didn't think I would but they are adorable : )
We have heat and humidity turned up high with our weather right now and I am hoping for a break from it already .. I have a load of mail order plants coming and I need it a little cooler to survive my crazy planting mode I go into ! haha
Ah .. Spring has come and summer is not far from it. Time to really take our vitamins right ? LOL
Joy : )

Northern Shade said...

I love the mini flowers on Muscari, so cute, and hardy as well. They mix easily with other plants blooming at the same time, like tulips and Tiarella, too.

Ms. S said...

Joy: Hi! I hope you get some comfortable weather for all your mail order planting! I have never tried mail order but am tempted to try it for some hellebores. I will check your blog first for recommendations! :)

Northern Shade: I agree their unique shape and unobstrusive size make them a great mixer. I think they would look great in much larger groups than I have them right now so I think I will have to add some more in the fall. Of all the spring flowering bulbs we planted last year we certainly got the best results from these so far.


Absolutely! I love these little guys. They bloom in late February in my garden when it's usually raining in torrents. I will pick them to bring inside. They have a sweet fragrance and I think this is would explain the common name "Grape hyacinths." I love seeing your close-up shots. Definitely get more this fall! :)

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your comments about my garden are very sweet. I think everything is a little water logged right now. The rain was really appreciated but enough already. :)

Casa Mariposa said...

I think you need about 300 of these guys. :o) They look like funny fairy hats. :o)

Dave said...

I have a bias against white flowering bulbs, but I don't know why. Yours look great and the few I've planted out of curiosity or that came up as sports also are charming. I will have to rethink my prejudice (always a good thing to do).

Grape Hyacinths are well worth the crawling to appreciate them - and possibly this is useful exercise, because my muscles always complain when it is time to get up and admire the tulips.

Ms. S said...

Casa Mariposa: I can totally picture them with googly eyes on them! :)

Dave: One thing I do notice about white bulbs is that they look better if there is a green ground cover nearby like a silver lamium. Otherwise, I think they need some contrasting colour of other blooms rather than just the brown mulch. I will be adding large quantities to these clumps in the fall so they are not quite so lost in the garden. They are too adorable to leave sitting by themselves. :)

Anna said...

Have never considered white muscari - think that I'll investigate forthwith. The spring bulb catalogues are now arriving in the post :)

Diane said...

yes, I agree -- absolutely! I love their old fashioned-ness too