Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Pleasures

We ventured out into our local ravine yesterday for a hike with the wee toddler. (Hubby has a great backpack-type carrier for the little guy so we can go anywhere!)

The creek has settled down after its spring rush and is moving quite sedately, albeit with a skim of slushy ice pooling on it in the quieter locations. Because we love you, Miss May, we have learned to enjoy all your surprises — even the snow on the streams in the dark, mysterious corners of the ravine.

I love these little nooks who refuse to give up their winter mantle.

Spring is a season of contrasts. So, of course, up on a sunny hill a little later in our trek we saw our first butterfly of the season! Our little guy was delighted and kept pointing as the butterfly flitted about, “budderFLY, budderFLY!” He has only seen butterflies in books (except for last summer which he probably doesn’t remember as he was only one then). I don’t know what this butterfly is, so if any of you astute readers can offer a suggestion I would love to know more. I googled it and it kind of looks like a ‘Green Comma’ (lovely name!) but its wing shape wasn’t quite as ornate.

Out in the garden this morning there are signs of Spring's renewal. The dicentra ‘Candy Hearts’ (fern-leaf bleeding heart) I planted last year is showing vigorous signs of life.

As is the rhubarb, which was here when we got here. . (Looks like the brains of the operation to me!) I think it is gorgeous in full leaf and plan to keep it. I look forward to rhubarb and strawberry pie later in the summer…mmm.

Also, the purple irises (name unknown) that my Dad gave me last summer are coming up.

All these will have to be potted up before the landscapers come to take out the clay and bring in topsoil. Rest assured, little plants, you will all have a home in our new garden!


mlc said...

I can't imagine what it must be like to garden in Alberta! And I thought Ohio, USA gardens were behind all those southern garden blogger gardens. Nice blog. It will be interesting to watch your progress.

Anonymous said...

I felt like I was on your lovely walk,loved the butterfly.

The Garden Ms. S said...

mlc: Nice to have you drop by! I think finding patience is the hardest part right now. Somehow gardening has got a hold of me though, and I am smitten.:)

Anon: Welcome! I loved the butterfly, too. The first butterfly and the first robin of the season are always such a thrill.

Anonymous said...

How funny to see the snow and the butterfly together!
Plant Lady

The Garden Ms. S said...

Plant Lady: I think it must speak to the robust optimism of the butterfly! :)

Anna said...

It sounds a most enjoyable walk made more so by the comments and observations of your little man. I like your rhubarb/brain comparison :)