Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Glow Girl

There's a glow in my garden these days.

You can really notice it in the evenings

It's not the showiest bloom on the block

Her beauty is more sublime

And elegant in her simplicity

Her scent is fresh with a hint of citrus

And she seems to like it here.

My Morden Snowbeauty, purchased last year, is a real asset to the garden. She came through our winter with no extra protection and narry a problem. Her glossy green foliage is delightful. Her long buds are truly elegant and her open-faced blooms are sweet bee magnets. She's a nightime girl, though, and it is the evening when she really becomes the star that she is. I can't take my eyes off her when I am supposed to be sitting out there reading a book and sipping wine. Given that evenings are when we really get to enjoy the garden, plants that add something then, including scent, are an important part of the garden. This charmer politely stays within her space and her blooms are recurring after this first glorious flush. Yay for sweet hardy roses!

Snowbeauty, you glow girl. :-)


GardenJoy4Me said...

Ms S !
I am so glad to see another Morden get glowing reviews : ) I have to have this one to now that you have given her the thumbs up !
I love white but I have to have scent with it too .. I can't get over how many roses are bred with no scent .. it just isn't RIGHT !
Thanks for nudging me in this direction .. it may not be available until next year but it is a must have now : )

Kiki said...

Yay Beautiful post! I have always been drawn to it too!Sounds so perfect id love to sip some wine and have those in view..the perfect backdrop...beautiful!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Very nice! I would love a white rose bush for my white flower bed. That one is a beauty!

Laurrie said...

What beautiful evening photos. The clear white really does glow against the dusky moody background. I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off it either.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

She is gorgeous, and what a name! I wish I had added her rather than my garrish sunrise sunset :/. Lovely pictures, and I like the idea of sipping wine in the garden in the evening.

Laura said...

Oh I'm gaga for the summertime glow! I've noticed it around my garden as of late too. It's welcome to stay!

Christine B. said...

And I thought I'd heard of all the hardy roses! I haven't seen it up here at all. I have three different white roses, so I suppose if I add another, it will officially be a collection;)

Christine in Alaska

Northern Shade said...

I love white flowers in the evening. As other flowers fade into the deepening shadows, the white ones really come into their own. Snowbeauty is very pretty, and as Joy mentioned roses are really a package deal with scent.

Clayton said...


The Garden Ms. S said...

Joy: I am so pleased with this rose! The foliage is gorgeous, disease resistant, and it only gets 4 ft tall and wide so you can tuck it into your border. And Scent!

Kiki: Thank you! This is what summer is all about. :)

Sheryl: I am building a garden with white as the primary colour – not to say there won’t be others but white rules in the evenings and that’s our only chance to relax out there!

Laurrie: It’s hard to photograph white when the light is dim, but these few do seem to capture some of the glow. And, yes, I am mesmerized. :)

Rebecca: I think of your Sunrise Sunset as cheerful! Every plant has its spot. And, yes, a little wine after the toddler is in bed and the sun is coming in low through the trees is a perfect way to end the day.

Laura: I love summer glow – and I want more! I am definitely getting more white and some silver as well, I think.

Christine: This rose is hardy to zone 2b (Canada) so a tough one. It came through our crazy winter of extremes just fine. I am very impressed.

Northern: I just hope it can hold up to a little shade as the garden matures. I need a few sweet smelling roses to enjoy in the evening.

Clayton: It is wonderful! I highly recommend it!

Gardenista said...

That is a beautiful rose. I'd never heard of that Morden variety before. Hopefully our winters of the future are kinder to roses. My only Morden is likely dead, though you never know. I still hold out hope.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Gardenista: This rose did amazingly well for me. It is on the south side of a tall fence so it had some shelter but no extra cover. I also like it because it is pretty even when not in bloom.

Good luck with the renewal of your garden! :)

Anna said...

She looks a beauty - have not come across the name before and I wonder whether she also resides on this side of the pond. Must investigate forthwith :)

Amy said...

What a pretty glow! Your photos are beautiful. That time in the evening is a great time to be outside.

meemsnyc said...

Those are so pretty!

sweet bay said...

What a lovely rose. I agree, a rose should be sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. S, I love evening strolls through the garden when the white flowers take on a radiance completely missing during the day. This rose looks like a lovely addition to your garden.

in-Edmonton said...

Beautiful Pics!!! Wow! I'd love to have that glow in my garden.