Monday, July 19, 2010

It's not you, it's me

You were a soft, gentle blue with a hint a lavender.

I was instantly smitten and decided to build you a home

that showcased your beauty

and complemented your complexion

And then I had to go away for week. While I was gone, you...changed

I hardly recognized you upon my return. You didn't seem like the same flower, you were...Pink!

Now, my dear, one of us is blue, and it's not you.


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful & poetic post!! I have come so close to buying one of these beauties, but fear the change to pink and so I have held back. It's not that I hate pink flowers, in fact, I buy some on purpose sometimes, but when you're after blue, nothing else will do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. S, What a very amusing posting and beautifully written. It is for this reason that I keep to white Hydrangeas!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Ms S .. don't stress over it ! Hydrangea have a mind of their own and I have also run into the same oddity .. only in reverse .. why oh why are you BLUE when I am trying to stay in the pink ? LOL
Joy .. gorgeous pictures and commentary gilr !

Clayton said...

They take a lot of the right fertilizer to stay blue. I don't remember but if you search the net you will find it. But your presentation is awesome so there was an alternate reason for them to turn pink.

Laura said...

Oh my! Now that has to be a surprise to return to! Luckily Hydrangeas are beautiful despite what colour!

Laurrie said...

Your pretty blue hydrangea missed you while you were gone, and perked herself up for your return. Hydrangeas really are the funniest people. Lovely post!

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Those crazy hydrangeas, they seem to do just what they want. My line of blue hydrangea are now blue, pink and purple.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Rebecca, thank you! I was really, really after a blue pot so while the pink is nice, it’s not blue…!

Dear Edith, you are very kind. I think you right about staying with white. Hydrangeas are just too fickle when it comes to colour to stay true blue!

Joy, hi! I am going to have to adjust my thinking and enjoy the pink, although it gives me a bit of jolt every time I look at it!

Clayton, I did as you suggested and poked around on the net. It appears I can get some aluminum sulphate that might do the trick. I think I will find myself some and start experimenting!

Laura, yes, it’s a good thing I do love hydrangeas so! She is pretty in pink…I guess!

Laurrie, maybe she is blushing with happiness at my return! Lol

Deborah, they are independent little spirits, aren’t they? Geez!

Kiki said...

Oh my..what gorgeous beauties...I love them all..and the combos are fabulous!all the colors I adore!! beautiful prose..magical and charming as always!! Yay..welcome back!

Amy said...

What a great post! I love the color combination before the change and I the new look, too. I have always liked the color pink.
When I come home, I anticipate coming home to a changed plant....dead. Your photos are beautiful, as always!

ruthie said...

Beautiful images, and i love the colour change! is it to do with the acidity of the soil?

Northern Shade said...

Hydrangeas can be so capricious with their colour changes. When you are picturing and planning for a colour scheme, it can be disappointing.

I like your arrangement in the pot. The bench that you have next to it is very nice, love the classical shape. Watch the trailing plant that you have in that arrangement. In warmer areas it can get into the lawn, but I'm not sure that it's hardy here.

Anna said...

Oh dear the best laid plans of mice and men! Hope that you can magic it back to its original colour.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Kiki, Hi! It is nice to be home and after I hug my son and hubby I find myself heading out to the garden to see what’s what. This time it was a bit of a surprise!

Amy, Hilarious! Yes, I often come home to the dead variety as well. I am glad the pink still blends somewhat with everything else but it is so bright it takes some getting used to.

Ruthie, it is the acidity, or lack thereof. I think my potting soil must have been quite alkaline compared to what the hydrangea was potted in. It didn’t take long to tell me so!

Northern Shade, it is amazing how they can change. I wonder if there are other flowers that do that? I put the bench out there in the fall as it is in my sightline from the kitchen window. Over the winter I had an urn filled with curly willow beside it. I liked the bench there so much I have decided to leave it in that spot – and yes, I actually do sit there sometimes too! (Usually when I am contemplating the next changes to the garden). Thanks for the tip on the vine, I will watch it!

Anna, I am going to experiment with some aluminum to see what happens – who knows, I may get purple next!

sweetbay said...

Your potted flower arrangement is beautiful whether the hydrangea is pink or blue! Coffee and/or coffee grounds are a good and easy way to acidify soil.

I've seen a couple of hydrangeas in that magic purple zone -- yum!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Sweetbay, thank you for the kind words and the awesome tip regarding using coffee. We always have some left over on the weekends. I am going to try it! :)

Diane said...

what a lovely story you have woven for our delight.