Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bridal Veils and Zombies: The Making of a Blog Post

You know how in the movie Shaun of the Dead they have to run really fast from hiding spot to hiding spot on their way to the pub to escape the zombies? And how along the way they have to keep whacking zombies with shovels and stuff to slow them down? Well, that was me trying to get some pics of my Astilbe.

The mosquitos are crazy for blood here tonight so I could only take a few quick snaps without really aiming. (One zombie mosquito was in my ear going for my braaaainnns). ;-)

This is Astible x arendsii ‘Bridal Veil’. I planted it last summer to test it out before committing to any more. Well, I needn't have worried. It loves it here! It is turning into a giant and I don't mind.

It's probably about 30 inches tall altogether with the white plumes waving hello over the top. The foliage is finely textured and has a bit of a shine.

It is a welcome plume of colour (yes, white is a colour!) this time of the season. I have it in pretty deep shade and it is getting a ton of water this summer as it is positioned near the run-off point of a downspout.

I know that having more than one wedding dress is probably gauche, but how about more than one Bridal Veil? I think that might be okay, don't you? Besides, I can always give any extras to those zombie brides lurking out there.

*Please forgive me as I am not visiting your blogs as quickly as I would like, I just don't seem to have much computer time these lovely days! Couldn't you all just come over for a garden party, hmm? I would make lemon cookies!


Anonymous said...

Dear MsS, Wonderful. I am going out immediately in search of Astilbe 'Bridal Veil' - such a choice plant to lighten a darkish corner or, come to that, anywhere where it will be happy. And yes, if you have the space, add to this one with at least two more. Or even a group of five!

The prospect of a garden party with lemon cakes sound too lovely for words. Please count me in!! Have a happy and peaceful weekend.

Marguerite said...

Of course white is a colour! and no colour is better in a shady spot than white to brighten things up. Not to mention that white looks even brighter in a shady locale. Your astilbe is gorgeous but I'm leary that now I will forever be associating it with zombie flicks....;-)

Clayton said...

Great story as usual. We have tried them in the past with life being short so I have quit trying. I think we get too dry.

Kyna said...

Hahaha! I can imagine the mosquitoes are bad there right now. I barely even GO outdoors now, because of the nasty humidity and biting things. :P

Loved the Shaun of the Dead reference :D

Laurrie said...

I do love lemon cookies, and accept your bribe to come to your garden. Actually no incentive needed, the stunning white froth on these astilbes is enough to capture my attention!

Anna said...

A beautiful elegant and cooling astilbe - I want :) Oh yes please to the invite to the garden party and lemon cookies - have found a great insect repellent - may even keep the zombies away.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Fun post, and your bridal veil is impressive. I always admire astilbe's in pictures, but pass them by at the garden centre (just yesterday in fact). I know what you mean about brain eating mozzies, they drive me nuts! Could me in for tea and lemon cookies in the garden, I can bring lemon squares or cupcakes too. :)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Love the movie and I love that astilbe. I think that I should try them again, I found they dried out very quickly before, but now I garden on water retaining clay soil, will probably make a huge difference.
Glad you still have your brain, the zombie mosquito didn't get it.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Dear Edith, I think you will be very pleased with it. I am going to keep my eyes open for more. Have a wonderful weekend!

Marguerite: I love white – especially in the shade! I too am afraid that whenever I look at my astilbe now I will think of zombies. Lol

Clayton: Thank you for your kind words! The astilbe is in the wettest part of my garden and it seems to suit it perfectly. We had some at our last garden and they just dried up. I think I will add a few more to this area.

Kyna: There was a story on the front page of the Edmonton Journal about the mosquitos today. It’s crazy out there! Oh, and SoTD is the best zom-rom-com ever. :)

Laurrie: I’m glad you like the astilbe. I am so impressed with it that I am going to add more. It really pops in the shade. The nice thing about the astilbe is that once the blooms are done they still look nice and so does the foliage on its own.

Anna: I understand the feeling of ‘want’! It really is quite elegant and graceful. I went out tonight for a walk covered in insect repellent and so they went for my lips. I need a suit. ;)

Rebecca, I love the foliage on them after they bloom; very fine and airy. Another nice thing is the timing of their blooms – before most hydrangeas and after the early bloomers and bulbs. (Oh, and cupcakes sound great!) :)

Deborah: Under the topsoil we added last year it is all clay. I do love that it retains moisture. We dug some up to add shrubs a few weeks ago and it was moist down as far as we could see. As far as the bugs, I wonder if I should go to Lee Valley and get a bug screen hat – I could start a new trend when I go for my walks! :)

Laura said...

I love my Astible. Problem is since my tree went down in the back last year, it's now in a full sun spot. It got crispy fast! I'm going to move it, cross my fingers and hope for better next year!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Laura, hi! I thought mine might be getting too much water where it is but that doesn't seem possible. Good for you for moving yours. They are pretty tough and I'm sure yours will come back once it settles into its new home. :)

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Hi MsS, Just wondering how your Little Lamb Hydrangea is doing? I just bought one and will be planting it this week. :)

ruthie said...

ooh yes a garden party, a natter & lemon cookies, heaven! Here we are attacked by the dreaded scottish midges!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Rebecca, It had more dieback this crazy winter and is smaller this year, but it is forming buds so I am happy. Sadly, my little guy got ahold of the clippers and clipped 12 'heads' off. They are all in the front so it will be a little 'back heavy' on blooms. :)

Ruthie, hi! Thanks for stopping by. I know you must be crazy busy with the new gallery opening. I am so excited for you! Look forward to the etsy listings. Best wishes! :-)

Northern Shade said...

The mosquitoes were so bad this past week, after such comfortable gardening for months, that I considered getting out my mosquito jacket that I use for back country canoeing just to snap a few photos and deadhead a few blooms.

White flowers are terrific in the shade, and those are beautiful blooms on your astilbe.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Northern Shade: I am so pleased with this astilbe. It adds a lot of drama to a dark corner. As an aside - You canoe? We only paddle around places like Cameron Lake in Waterton where you rent the canoe. I would love to go on an actual outing some time. Hope you are having a great summer! :)


That is a wonderful plant. Very beautiful - just like a brides veil!!
Have a great weekend.
All the best.
Ingrid x

Gardenista said...

I know what you mean about photography with mosquitoes around. I think people really need to appreciate gardener's efforts in those places infested with bloodsucking insects. It really is a trial!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, lemon cookies, a garden tour and plant-talk? Save a seat for me, I'm there!

Your astilbe looks lovely -- flower and foliage!

Hubby and I are marveling at your 21 degrees C temperature. It's 100 degrees F here! Amazing what a few hundred miles can do.

TaraLarsenChang said...

I love astilbe. We always had swaths of the pink variety at the back of the garden when I was growing up. (You can't eat it, so I don't have any in mine).

And I love your disclaimer at the end of this post. :-) I am absolutely rubbish at getting to *anyones'* blog right now between garden, homework, family-stuff and the book I'm illustrating.. It's always lovely to visit yours though. I may have to offer a tea party in consolation as well (I'll let you bring the cookies).


GardenJoy4Me said...

Ms S !!! LOL .. I love the whole atmosphere with the movie and the mosquitoes but more so another astilbe fan and especially the white ones and this cultivar is a beauty for sure .. I have astilbes scattered every where .. even when the flower turns brown the foliage is so pretty .. pretend ferns !!
I also laughed at your little one having to HAVE a tomato whether it be green or not ! too cute !
Joy : )