Monday, September 6, 2010

My Nose is Sleepy and other stories of the late summer garden

“Your eyes are sleepy, beautiful boy. It’s time to close them and go to sleep.”

“No, Mommy, my nose is sleepy. It goes up and my eyes go down.”

~ conversation at bedtime with my little son earlier this week.

Late summer and my nodding Annabelle hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle') adds a dreamy element to the garden. We tucked it in close to the Holmstrup cedar (Thuja occidentalis 'Holmstrup) by the back door and just in front of a new Dart’s Gold ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius 'Dart's Gold').

It seems to have made this spot its own, hanging over some silvery Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy'. My hubby brought this hydrangea home after admiring it in many of our neighbour’s gardens. Normally he leaves the garden purchases to me, but since he offered that we might find some place for it, and he knew I liked hydrangeas, we made it a home. This is only our first season with it so I don’t know how it will overwinter. However, given that so many are thriving in our area, I am hopeful.

As for the nodding off that it tends to do, I have heard that they straighten up a little after a few years of good pruning. But I do understand if it gets a sleepy nose this time of year. I know we all do.


Anonymous said...

Dear MsS, What a lovely posting and what splendid images of the dreamy hydrangea - one of my all time favourites. And, I should imagine your placing it in association with Lamium 'White Nancy' is particularly effective. The Lamium, unlike some of its cousins, is relatively well behaved and very worthy of a place in the garden in my view.

Laurrie said...

So dreamy, so soothing, what a nice post! I love that your husband picked out your hydrangea and brought it home. Annabelle always seems to make the top of the list of favorite hydrangeas in people's gardens.

Kiki said...

Yay beautiful and super faves too! Just isn't a garden without thier magic!

Calgary Garden Coach said...

Lovely post! If Annabelles can be grown in Calgary (and they can), then they should be just fine in Edmonton. One of my favourites too.

Amy said...

Hello, the conversations at bedtime are the best. That is too nose is sleepy. Your hydrangea is such a beautiful color! I wish I could grow them here. I might try oakleaf hydrangea, one day.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What a charming conversation with your little one!! I'm glad you found a spot for Anabelle, don't worry too much about overwintering. Our hydrangeas had an awful time this winter and regrew from the base only, our garden centre recommends cutting all stems to 6 inches in late winter for some varieties. Enjoy your nodding beauty! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and prose. Your beautiful boy is very lucky.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Dear Edith, Thank you for your kind commments. I do think the Annabelle with the White Nancy is a pleasing partnership. I have had good luck with this lamium in other gardens so am hopeful it is as well-behaved and luminous here.

Laurrie: I loved that he got me this hydrangea, too! (I think he is becoming more of a gardener that he anticipated.) ;-)

Kiki: They do add some magic to the late summer garden! I want more.

CGC: I am so glad to hear they do well in Calgary. If all goes well here this winter I will be adding more to the garden.

Amy: I recommend trying any hydrangea that is hardy to your area. They really are a romantic, lush addition to the August garden.

Rebecca: Now that my little guy is talking up a storm I just never know what he will come up with. I love hearing how his mind works. I have heard that Annabelle likes a major pruning each year so I will try that in late winter. Thanks!

Grace: We are the lucky ones. Little boys and gardens make life sweet.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

We have huge old Annabelles planted against our house, they have been their many years, the base is very thick. Nothing seems to bother them, I just cut them back hard in the spring and they look great all year.

Laura said...

What a cute thing to say. From the mouth of babes! Love the hydrangea! I hope it winters well for you!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

A delightful post, MsS. Love hydrangeas, and their nodding heads. I have a branch on my 'Limelight that is just so heavy due to a gigantic flower, that I will have to cut the flower off and bring it inside to enjoy it, lest it break the branch. Drying some PG and mophead flowers in my office now to enjoy all winter, too.

Anna said...

A great post - oh such magical gems come out of the mouths of babes :) Hope that the new hydrangea flourishes for you.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Deborah: Glad to hear they have done so well for you. If ours makes it through the winter I will definitely be adding more.

Laura: Hi! It is amazing what he comes up with right now. He makes us laugh. :)

Jodi: I would love to have so many blooms I had to take some inside. Such problems should be mine. *sigh* :)

Anna: I too hope it thrives. My little gardener is full of magic these days. :)