Sunday, September 12, 2010

White After Labour Day?

It's enough to make a proper flower blush!

My Morden Snowbeauty is in week two of its second flush. I couldn't be more pleased with this lovely beauty.

The pale pink buds are opening this time a little pinker than the first pure white flush and it is really rather enchanting.

My annual pelargoniums will bloom right into the fall if last year is any indication.

And are a welcome counterpoint to all the rosy complexions out there.

My delightful little fairy bells are in full bloom again. This is my first year with them and I hope they make it through the winter as I am rather charmed with their tiny dancing when a breeze blows over them.

My Little Lamb hydrangea has put out it biggest blooms ever, after a harsh winter that took it down to its base.

I wonder if the seven flower heads on it are so big because my toddler cut the others off when they were just getting started? Hmmm...maybe he is a gardener in the making. :)

These creamy little sprays are not a part of the garden.

They are a present from hubby for my birthday. It appears he knows how to make me blush after Labour Day as well. :)
Hope you are enjoying the beauty of your late summer gardens!

One of the most attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve.
~Henry David Thoreau


Anonymous said...

Dear MsS, As I am sure that you are aware, this posting goes straight to my heart for anything white connected with the garden I find completely irresistible. What a lovely sequence of images - you must, indeed, be delighted.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Oooh, happy birthday, somewhat belated, MsS! I love the cooling effect of white flowers in the garden too; I especially love the way they glow in early evening and just after sunrise, despite the fact that sunset comes earlier and sunrise later every day now. So yes, I'm all in favour of white after Labour Day! Good inspiration for a post, indeed.

Laurrie said...

Wonderful white charmers, so restrained after all the hot color and blaze of summer flowers. What plant is the fairy bells? It's so pretty but I couldn't identify it.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

A birthday! Sorry I missed your party, but your flowers obviously didn't. They are stunning. Like porcelain!

Marguerite said...

I love whites and greens in the garden, just the thought makes me feel cooler. I just purchased a Little Lamb hydrangea this year because I so love big clumps of white flowers. By the way, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Stop by to see my last post for details.

Kyna said...

Beautiful photos :D I love seeing the second flush of flowers just when you feel like everything's done blooming...:)

Anna said...

Something tells me that you are partial to the odd white flower or so in the garden :) Hope that your special day was filled with fun and flowers!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

You know how I love seeing white in the garden! Beautiful pictures, your roses are stunning. My little fairy thimbles and litte lamb look quite similar to yours, I guess that it's all that surprising. Great post!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Ms S girl !!
I am finally here to look at your lovely blog and this post on white ? I am such a fan of WHITE in the garden and you have some beauties still smiling at you and us ? LOL
Morden roses are a wonderful breed aren't they ? My Little Lamb should have had a better year but I was so overwhelmed and cut it back so early (like your little gardener in the making ? LOL) it didn't have a chance to show off properly .. yours is gorgeous .. as are all the other wonderful white accent plants! : ) Joy

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Happy belated Birthday. It is so great to see white this time of year, I am not a big fan of all the yellow in the garden.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Dear Edith: Thank you for stopping by! I am pleased with all this white at this time of the year. The light is more golden and slanted late in the day (when it’s not cloudy) and the white simply gleams.

Jodi: Thank you for the birthday wishes! I do like the cool, serene effect of these lightly blushed whites. It charms me.

Laurrie: I should have called those fairy bells by their common name, “Fairy Thimbles” or their Latin name, “Campanula cochlearifolia”. They are a tiny bellflower and come in white or purple. If they overwinter well I will be adding more this coming spring.

TGHT: Hi Debi! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hubby remembered that I like white flowers and these little roses are indeed like porcelain. I was thrilled. :)

Marguerite: I think you will really like the Little Lamb. Ours looked pitiful in the spring after a harsh winter but it came all the way back and put on a stunning display – for a plant who lost most of its blooms to an over-eager toddler with Daddy’s clippers. Thank you for the award btw. I usually don’t do them, but if I think of 7 interesting things about myself, I may. :)

Kyna: Yes, isn’t that second flush wonderful. It’s like a freebie!

Anna: How did you guess!! Lol I did have a wonderful birthday – thank you!

Rebecca: I remember you mentioning what hard time your hydrangeas had this past winter as well. Isn’t the Little Lamb impressive for its power to come back after such a hard winter? I am totally convinced I must get more.

Joy: So nice to have you here! I am so impressed with Morden roses. I read that they have passed the program on to the private sector, I think it is to Jeffries Nurseries. I hope to see more roses come out of this program. I want a zone 3 hardy white climber. (Are you listening, Morden people??)

Deborah: Thank you for the birthday wishes! We do need a little white this time of year to keep things fresh, don’t we? I think its glow adds something to the richness of fall colours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White blossoms are so elegant. Yours are absolutely lovely.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Grace: Thanks! I am really enjoying them...even though we are being threatened on all sides with an early snow!

Kiki said...

Soooo super gorgeous!! Lovely blooms..and how sweet of your hubby for your b-day..yay! Fabulous!! Another gorgeous series!
Have a wonderful wkd!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Kiki: Thank you for the kind wishes! A great weekend to you. :)

sweetbay said...

All of your white bloomers are lovely! I am especially smitten with your Little Lamb Hydrangea.

Happy (belated) Birthday!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Thank you, Sweetbay! It was a wonderful birthday and I am blessed to have been able to spend it with those I love best. :)

Northern Shade said...

I love those pretty white blooms in the garden, too. Your Morden Snowbeauty has attractive flowers. I keep eyeing up hardy roses, but don't really have a sunny enough area right how. Little Lamb is a good bloomer. The frost a few days ago turned my Hydrangea flowers brown, so now the garden looks like Autumn, overnight.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Northern Shade: I am so glad I got pictures when I did. My Little Lamb is now a golden brown as well. I can hardly believe it is done so soon. What a difference from last fall.