Sunday, August 21, 2011

Can the band stay late tonight...?

I am feeling the bittersweet ache of late summer when cool evenings begin to brush alongside warm days. Too soon, my heart calls out, I need more time in the garden. Time to sit, to soak, to pretend it will always be like this.

A star of my late summer garden is the hosta, 'Royal Standard'. I have a pair of them framing a collection of white astilbe and goatsbeard, fronted with some rose daphne. I love their gleaming, corrugated, almost lime, foliage. However, unusual for a hosta, the real draw, for me, is the white, scented flowers.

The flowers are just coming into their own right now and hold sway with their fresh evening perfume

The funnel shaped flowers look like the skirts of long, white, hem-stitched cotton dresses

Elegant, demure, and just a little flirty, they lead the evening waltzes at the beachside dance halls in the old summer villages.

I'm not ready to hear the last song yet, so keep dancing girls, keep dancing.


Andrea said...

For a long time i thought i have a hosta plant, however it turned out to be Proiphys amboinensis. It has almost roundish leaves also with white flowers. I took some photos (posted before the last) but of course, mine are not as lovely as yours. That last one is really amazing, just like what you described!

Anonymous said...

It's too soon for those cool autumn nights, I haven't had enough warm summer evenings! As usual, fabulous photos Ms. S.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post, I would also like the band to keep playing. My Royal Standard is taking a break this year, plants can be so fickle.

Marguerite said...

You have a way with words. I too would love the band to stay late, just a few more warm summer evenings before we get put to bed under a blanket of snow.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Andrea, Thank you for your kind words. I looked at the one you thought was a hosta and I would have thought the same. It was very pretty! :)

Linda, Me either! I need a late, late fall this year...!

Rebecca, Hi! I hope yours comes back next year. I do think they are a lovely hosta and the flowers are gorgeous.

Marguerite, I think I would like to fall asleep one mild evening in my garden and maybe even spend the night there on a lounger. I need to be immersed in it, to store it in my very being to tide me over for the winter. :)

Amy said...

Lovely post!! My garden has finished dancing a long time ago. They are all exhausted.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Amy, I hope your autumn is lovely, a bit rainy, and cooler!

Anna said...

Enjoyed your post and photos. There is a tendency to think of hostas in terms of foliage and forget the flowers and sometimes their quite noticeable scent. I hope that the summer evenings linger with you a while longer. Not time for the last waltz just yet.

sweetbay said...

I think we have the same hosta. I got mine from my paternal grandmother's garden and absolutely love it.

Casa Mariposa said...

These are really pretty! I've heard of hosta being fragrant but mine aren't. Winter is so long for you. Hopefully, you'll have a late start this year so you'll have more time to enjoy your garden. Well written post! :o)

Grace said...

I'm not ready either. Summer can hold on as long as it wants as far as I'm concerned. Your photos are dreamy-lovely!

Dave said...

Beautiful pictures as usual. It looks like the spike on your Royal Standard does not elongate as much as usual in Hosta and that tight cluster of white flowers is very attractive. That sent me off on a quick tour of my hostas - none are now fragrant. I knew I once had a hosta with a similar tight cluster of white flowers, but alas, Hosta 'Francis Williams' is no more: impatient gardening (they come up so late sometimes) and slugs did it in. My only fragrant variety Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet' went to winter kill.

There's a nice article on fragrant hostas at:

The Garden Ms. S said...

Anna, So far it is holding out. We are sitting outside as much as possible these days. :)

Sweetbay, Glad to hear you love it! And isn't it nice to have something in the garden that been passed down through the family.

Casa, I am hoping to eventually have enough scented plants blooming at different times that my garden will always be fragrant in the evenings. Fingers crossed!

Grace, Thanks, Grace. :) We deserve a long and mild fall.

Dave, Sorry to hear about the hosta losses. I always peer and fuss in the spring waiting for signs of arrivals. :) Thanks for the link to the article - much appreciated!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh....sigh. So beautiful, and I hope that the girls danced on all night.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wow!!..what gorgeous dreamy photos..they truly are stunning! Fabulous pretty!

Wishing you a sparkling day my friend~
PS; thankyou for always leaving such a sparkly comment and kind word!


Your garden will look lovely after all the new plants you have put in and all your hard work!
You will show us pictures?!
All the best,
Ingrid xx