Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love in Old October

All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.
~Thomas Wolfe

There's something about October that compels us to seek out the touchstones of home, whatever they might be and whatever home might signify. For me, it is turning deeper towards my truer self. My creativity is inspired. I need to connect to the earth and things of the earth. I bring branches inside and pull my pottery out of the cupboards. I get out into the ravine in the early mornings. My walk/run regime is turning into more 'run' these days but I slow down for the pretty bits.

I usually start before the sun rises and finish as it begins to warm the earth. I love the smell that rises from the leaves as it melts the frost off them.

This morning was especially sublime; vivid colours, thick, sparkly frost and a perfectly blue sky.

I want jewellery that looks like this. Or maybe a fascinator of glittering leaves. :)

There was the finest glazing of ice on the creek this morning. As pretty as it is, I really do hope it melted later in the day. (I'm just not ready!)

My garden is quietly laying down now. I still, however, crave the final brilliance that October promises. We went to the garden centre last weekend and picked out pumpkins and mums for the front entranceway. My little guy is so excited that we will be carving jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, and so am I. :)

My favourite pumpkins this year are the little white and orange striped ones. Have you seen them? They are so cute and festive looking.

In the Thomas Wolfe quote above he says all things point home in October, including the "lover to the love he has forsaken". If you're feeling the tug of something you've pushed to the back cupboard, this might be the perfect time to take another look at it, in the liquid gold light of old October, and see if the murmur of love is still there. Who knows what treasure you might find tucked away? A talent, a gift, a memory, a relationship? Whatever it is, I bet it will be beautiful. :)


Andrea said...

All these photos are magical and enchanting! We don't have that culture embedded in our consciousness of what your October brings, but I truly appreciate your information, most specifically the expressive photos seemingly sensitizing or enticing everyone to go somewhere!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Autumn does bring with it a sense of expectation, a chance to revive old projects and to stir into motion latent ideas. I have found myself grinning with pleasurable anticipation the last time I entered my neglected 'man-cave. There is so much I hope to do.

Love the opening photograph. The trembling aspen leaves like golden pieces-of-eight tumbled over the ground.

Calgary Garden Coach said...

Beautiful photos, as usual! Those first two are especially impressionistic, and there is always something magical about a picture of a pathway leading you toward an unknown destination...
Thanks for sharing!

Laurrie said...

I like how you slowed down and captured the pretty bits in this season.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S .. how is it possible that you have described everything I feel for this month ? I thought I was the only one that feels it this deeply .. have we been separated at birth ? LOL
Truly though .. all the sights and smells affect me deeply just as it does you .. I don't have the near by area you have to wonder and enjoy it but I connect with what you are talking about totally (I was so lucky to spend time as a young child near the woods and sea and that was magical for me then)
I love your pictures .. simple beautiful !!
Joy (fellow October Sister) : )

The Garden Ms. S said...

Andrea, Thank you for stopping by. :) October is really our last colourful month here in this northern climate before it gets much darker and colder. It seems to be the time to head home and nestle in with things that you love. I really enjoy this month!

Adrian, "Man Cave" - ha! My husband looks longingly at our basement with its shag carpet, knotty pine panelling and tiki bar and wonders if someday it will be a man cave. And it will be, eventually! Have fun with yours! BTW, I love your description of the first photo, I will always think of the leaves as 'pieces of eight' now. :)
Calgary Garden Coach, Hi! You know, you are right about paths leading us in. Right now, the paths in the woods are gorgeous. When I go out later in the day they are just full of people with cameras. We simply can't resist them. :)

Laurrie, I always run by the houses and stop in the green spaces. That is how us gardening types like to roll! :)

Joy, This is such a special month isn't it! Must be because we are both bluenosers that we feel it so. Woods and water together are my favourite. :) I love the smells, the sounds of falling leaves and the scent of apples. And, of course, the grand finale of the month, Halloween! :)

sweetbay said...

Such beautifully and dreamy images ~ so wonderfully done!!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful images!! I also love the scent of leaves as the sun rises, intoxicating. I'm glad you are enjoying the fall. :)

The Garden Ms. S said...

Sweetbay, Thank you for stopping by. I do find fall to be such a pretty time of year, especially in the woods. The colours just enchant me. :)

Rebecca, The other scents of fall I love are apples and wood smoke. Here in the city I never get to smell burning leaves but it is a smell I used to love. Hope your October is wonderful too!

Shirley @ The Gardening LIfe said...

You may be a new gardener but it certainly doesn't show! You have a wonderful eye for detail and photography!

I am glad to meet another Edmonton blogger and gardener! Welcome!!

Marguerite said...

At this time of year I always find myself enjoying more time inside my home. Just tidying up house plants brings its own joy. Lovely post and the pictures are wonderful. I can't imagine getting up that early to run but the photos are truly spectacular.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Shirley, Nice to see another zone 3 prairie blogger. We are a unique, persevering breed of gardener!

Marguerite, I know what you mean about thoughts turning inwards. I am staring down the red velvet curtains that came with the house and cover one whole wall of the living room. Can I live with them another year - argh! lol

The later the sun comes up the later I get out in the mornings, but not too late as it is really my only time to myself before things get busy with my little guy. I treasure that quiet time in the early a.m. with just me and the birds. :)


That last photo is...wait. What am I saying? ALL your photos are divine! I love that leafy pathway through the woods with bits of sunlight and shadow. That last photo with the fern makes me wish for an indoor fern again. Love your pumpkins too! We have clear, sunny weather here too. Isn't it nice?

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Grace, I wish we could have indoor ferns here too. However, the air is so dry with the heat running most of the year that they just seem to fry. (Something like my skin in the winter! lol)