Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Second Spring

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

Last weekend we tackled many of the tasks of putting a garden away. We took down the gazebo, stored the furniture, deep watered the trees, shrubs and perennials, chucked much material into the compost and stored away the pots. There is still compost to mound up and burlap screens to place, but they will come later.


First I had to stop, dazzled, as I entered the back garden early in the morning after a little jaunt. The sun had just made it over the roof of the house and was sending slants of liquid light through the last vestiges of the garden.


There were beads of silver gleaming up at me from along the path.


I had intended to go in the house for the hot breakfast hubs was cooking, but instead found myself on my belly, in the dew, with my camera.


I silently thanked my neighbours for having so many beautiful trees, especially the oaks. It really is my favourite leaf in the fall.


We've had a stunning autumn so far with beautiful weather and brilliant, long-lasting colour. It has lasted so long this year that I feel time has slowed down, allowing me to really savour, for the first time in ages, this luminious season. I will concede that it has, to some measure, restored my soul after this year's all too brief spring and summer. It has loosened up my heart and made me almost giddy some days. I needed that.

I hope your autumn has been just what you needed too. :)


Anonymous said...

Great images, particularly the last one with the oak leaf, bright among the earthy tones and textures of the other leaves.

The last week and a half I've been developing a garden for a customer, (which included moving 24 cu. yds. of mushroom compost by hand...)and I have not been appreciating the season as much as I could be. I finally managed to take a walk through a wood lot yesterday, enjoying the leaves even as they are now beginning to decay.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S You lucky gal !
For the first time that I can remember in years, our Autumn never made it .. the wind and rain ripped the leaves off the trees before they had a chance to show off any colour .. our weather has been horrible and the whole month seemed to go down the drain !
How could it happen this way ? My most favourite month of the year that I waited so long for ?
But I loved hearing your description and feelings of how much you have enjoyed yours .. the pictures are truly beautiful too!
Thank you : )
PS There is always next year .. right ?

The Garden Ms. S said...

Adrian, Thanks for the kind words! Could you ask for better weather for moving mushroom compost? lol Glad you got out to the woodlot. Even though the leaves are mostly dropped and fading the the understory is still pretty and the light is all slanty and lovely. Best. October. Ever.

Joy, I am so sorry to hear about how crappo your October has been. I see it on the weather channel, and, YES, I think of you!! That column of light you saw the other morning means good things are coming your way, however, so hang in there. :) Happy Halloween, my dear!!

sweetbay said...

I love oak leaves too. Such beautiful images. Glad you've had such a lovely fall -- you deserve it after such a late emerging spring.

Diane said...

your photos are beautiful. I love reading how much you've savoured autumn. The curvy oak leaves and the droplets on the lady's mantle really caught my attention. Happy autumn to you

The Garden Ms. S said...

Sweetbay, Thank you.:) Oak leaves are the perfect fall leaf while more ethereal leaves, like the Japanese maple seem more suited to spring.

Diane, You are too kind! A very happy autumn to you too. :)

Anna said...

Such, such exquisite photos. Wish that I could still get down on my belly with my camera :) Glad to hear that you have been able to enjoy being giddy.

Laurrie said...

I'm just catching up with older posts, and this one made me stop and shiver with delight.

The silver dew is captured so beautifully, I can hear its stillness. A much needed quiet moment, and one for me to savor in your photographs. I hope the hot breakfast was waiting when you went in!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Anna, You are too kind. (Getting on my belly isn't the problem, it's just the getting up again. lol)

Laurrie, Hot breakfast was indeed waiting - and that man can cook! :)

ruthie said...

Gorgeous images, i love macro shots of nature. We have had a wonderful Autumn, here, beautiful colours! It has only just started to get cold these past few days, and we have had the warmest Autumn on record i think!