Saturday, April 27, 2013

And then there was life...

After the longest winter I can remember there is life emerging in the garden.

We went on a flurry of bulb planting last fall and our efforts have been rewarded with these tiny jewels, galanthus.

I'm sure I looked like a mad woman on my stomach, in my slippers, wiggling through the wet mulch, but so worth getting close up to these beauties.

At least I didn't start singing Hallelujah...! :)


Anonymous said...

It was such a long winter, wasn't it? It certainly makes us appreciate spring! The snowdrops and hepatica are blooming in my garden and I was on the ground trying to get a good photo of them the other day too. The neighbours must wonder sometimes ....!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Congratulations Ms. S !!
You are the proud garden mama of a jewel smiling in your garden now : )
It was a LONG winter and I am spooked with the thought of a change for the worse even though the weather reports keep saying WARMER temps! LOL
PS .. everyone already knows we are mad garden creatures so no worries there ? haha

Helen said...

Spring has been sooooooo sloooooooooooowww in coming. Lovely little snowdrops, welcome anytime.

Shirley said...

It's been a long winter here as well. Now that the snow is pretty much melted, many of the farmers' fields have ponds, ditches are overflowing and that can only mean a late start to planting for some Alberta farmers. Thankfully, though, spring is here at last! The grass is greening up slowly and I've spotted a dandelion!

Anna said...

Yeeeeeeeay and I thought that we had a long wait on this side of the pond! So glad that you can see signs and stirrings of a new season :)

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

It has been a crazy long winter!! Nice to see some blooms again. I've been out of blogging for a bit but plant to start back...some new beds in the works, so will have something to post about. Hope all is well with you! :)

Marguerite said...

Welcome spring!! It feels like this spring has taken forever to really take hold. I smiled at the thought of you laying out to get those shots - partly because I was doing the same thing just a day ago :)

Diane said...

well congratulations on the first snowdrop! I know how exciting is it having lived north of 55 for far too long. I'm excited for you.

Ms. S said...

Ann: I have seen my elderly neighbours looking out the top windows of their house at me. I know they wonder!:)

Joy: It snowed as recently as yesterday…but I say it is over. Now that I know how fast bulbs come up after the snow I am hooked!

Helen: Now for the warm weather to come with them!

Shirley: I would even welcome a dandelion at this point too. :)

Anna: I think I am going to have to take up meditation to find the patience for these winters. Global warning seems to be extending the wrong season around here!

Rebecca: Welcome back! I look forward to seeing all the progress in your garden. We need more northern gardeners online. :)

Marguerite: I hope the snow is done down your way. We are promised a nice weekend this coming weekend and I am holding my weatherman to it! Lol

Diane: It was providence we decided to plant bulbs last year. I am starved for signs of gardening life so these little bulbs are so very welcome. :)

Dave said...

Such a late spring and my bulbs and bushes are setting records for late blooming, even later than 2011 and 2008. But now everything seems to be rushing to catch up and my Hepatica nobilis just opened. The leaves look pretty sad, but the flowers are joyful. Let's hope spring is here to stay.

Northern Shade said...

Those first spring bulbs are some of my favourite plants in the garden, for the life they bring when you are most yearning for some flowers. After such a long Edmonton winter, the bulbs seem to be all popping up at once.

Don't you love the way that bulbs will come up through anything? They thrust aside the wood chips and arrive in the purest white. I've had trouble getting many Galanthus to bloom in my garden, but this last fall's planting seems to have taken hold better.

Happy Spring


Don't you hate it when spring is reticent to make an appearance? I'm glad it finally showed up to the party. Your little Galanthus is adorable and the photos are so worth strange looks from the neighbors. :)

Ms. S said...

Dave: This is the most compressed spring I can remember. Spring and summer plants are jostling to get out there and get going. Pretty sure we skipped spring. :)

Northern Shade: This is my first year with bulbs other than some tulips I won a few years ago. I am thrilled at these early blooms. And addicted. Already planning what I want more of. :)

Grace: Spring dropped in long enough to introduce summer it seems. Everything is rushing to grow and it is so exciting! :)