Monday, August 31, 2009

The Final Flush

I bought this Thérèse Bugnet rose on Father's Day when I was supposed to be shopping for a rose for my Dad. It had finished blooming then and apparently bloomed a bit while I was on holiday but I hadn't seen much activity from it.

I think it must have wanted to reassure me as it sent up a few blooms last week to let me know what next summer might look like.

Okay, you have my attention, Thérèse. You are rather sweet (and love winter, I hear)

This hybrid rugosa rose was bred right here in Alberta just north of Edmonton in the town of Legal in 1950 (after 25 yrs of breeding) by Georges Bugnet.

It is hardy to zone 2A (Canada) and is supposed to have great fall foliage colour. It grows to a height of five feet and has a spread of four feet.

He named it for his daughter. Isn't that lovely?


sweet bay said...

Yes, that is lovely! And Therese is such a lovely name. I adore rugosas, and have a seedling of Therese Bugnet in the garden. I don't think anything beats rugosas for their combination of toughness, beauty, versatility and fragrance.

Helen said...

We have Thérèse growing at our place near Québec city. And one lovely feature of this rose is that the newer canes are almost thornless, making it great near a pathway or places where spinier roses might get in the way. Sweet scent, too.

tlc illustration said...

That is a beautiful rose - does it smell as good as it looks? I love rugosas for their huge, crimson hips! :-)

Muhammad khabbab said...

As lovely flower as the name.

Calgary Garden Coach said...

Good choice! I love Therese Bugnet too. She's also great in winter because of her bright red canes.