Saturday, September 5, 2009

Evening Cloak

You know, I start to crave the robust colours of fall this time of year. I'm not normally a bright colours person, in my personal style (except perhaps red), home decor or plantings. However, September finds me staring and smiling at bright yellows and brilliant reds and purples.

Maybe because I know this time of blazing colour is so fleeting or because there is just such a flamboyant farewell to it. Mother Nature leaves the summer party by throwing on her red and gold embroidered cloak and tossing her hair over her shoulders. I would love to leave a party with that much panache.


Adrian Thysse, FCD. said...

Well written.

I love this time of year as well, as nature slows down and presents us with this last surge of warmth before winter.
As much as I enjoy gardening, I always appreciate the winter break.

sweet bay said...

Nature sure does have a lot of panache, doesn't she? :) I love the fall colors too. They are so beautiful. The peak here in central NC often waits until after Halloween, which is nice.

Naturegirl said...

I do love mother Natures cloak of red and golds but I am still enjoy those last punches of soft ice creamy colors in my "girl garden!"
Thank you for your sweet comment..a bride in my garden...that would be exciting..and she can wear the dress I posted in previous Paris post...I think it would perfect! Hope you saw it!
It is a pleasure to meet you!

tlc illustration said...

I adore all parts of autumn - the colors, smells, textures, temperatures, etc... So fun to see all the leaves change.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the blaze of Autumn colour, too. :) There's something almost comforting about it as Nature urges us to prepare for colder days ahead. :)