Monday, June 13, 2011

The Healing Garden

So, my busy life has come to a standstill. In June. A few weeks ago I finally got the call for a long awaited surgery. Nothing serious, but it does lay me up for a month. And that month is June. Yeah, so I won't be doing much. The good? It is June and I can go outside. In the garden.

My husband set up our gazebo for me and I have an outdoor wicker chaise lounger with cushions. So I have been taking a blanket, music and reading stuff and dozing outside in the afternoons.

I'm actually getting to enjoy watching my plants grow. Who knew it was so fun? Well, some of you, I know.

My columbines (Aquilegia "Biedermeirer') came through the winter beautifully. I hope they self seed and spread the love around.

The irises (name unknown) my Dad gave me are just starting. I've realized my garden is shadier than I thought as everything seems to be a little behind sunnier gardens in the neighbourhood. I'm good with that.

I only got one tulip (tulipa 'Spring Green') from my small patch by the back door. The rest are suspiciously picked and trampled. I could blame the crazed magpies guarding over their fledglings or perhaps a certain enthusiastic preschooler who frequents the garden? :)

My maidenhair fern (Adiantum pedatum) is just unfurling and dances in the light. Hard to believe how tough this delicate looking little plant is. I highly recommend it for those who garden in the GWN.

My Eared Lady Fern (Athyrium Otophorum), that I thought was a goner, made her appearance today. She simply glows in the shade and I am so pleased to welcome her back.

And finally, a sure sign of the nearing summer, my very first rose bloom of the season. Thérèse Bugnet is covered in buds and promises to delight me all week.

I really believe the garden is keeping me sane during my imposed time of rest. It is also giving me lots of time to think about my life, my plans for my garden, my dreams for the future and what is really important to me. It's amazing how inspiring quiet time in the garden is. (If I make some big shift in my life in the coming year blame it on this June in the garden!)

In the next week or so we have some guys coming to help with some major planting of the garden. Should I lay on the chaise like a garden princess and observe (and probably feel guilty - or worse, bossy) or should I keep to the house during those days? What do you think?

I hope you are all enjoying some quiet, restorative time in your beautiful gardens.

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. ~ Henry James


Andrea said...

Our gardens might be as beautiful as yours, but my photos as not as excellent. envy, envious, envy, envious!!!

Laurrie said...

What a gift --- not the surgery, but the slow, quiet, reflective time in your garden. And your pictures capture the dreaminess.

Of course you must be out there when the planters come to work in your garden. Not to boss or survey, but to be a part of this new creation, even if it isn't you on hands and knees in the dirt.

Calgary Garden Coach said...

What beautiful photos!
Good luck with the surgery and keep looking on the bright side!

Crafty Gardener said...

Good luck with the recovery on your surgery. I had knee replacement surgery in mid May, so had to rethink my way of gardening. I love to sit in the gazebo and enjoy the views of the garden too.

Amy said...

Oh, from your photos you must be enjoying your garden. When you are used to being busy it is hard to be still. I'm sure a lot of thinking has taken place. As far as the workers coming...I would enjoy the gazebo and drink a glass of lemonade watching them do all the work. :)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wow..super beautiful..your photos are magnificent and radiant...just gorgeous...pure poetry!! I love your space and all your gems...and i am happy the garden is healing for you..shine on..! I alwyas love visiting are awesome!!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Hi Ms S, I hope you continue to heal well. Lay on the Chaise and watch the work ;). What a beautiful iris from your dad, it must be a comfort to have around. My shaded yard is also behind others in terms of growth, but I
find the blooms last longer, so it is a worthwhile tradeoff. You already have your first rose! Mine are quite a ways behind. Lovely to see your single tulip, spring green are so pretty, Mine also fall victim to various mishaps. Take good care of yourself.

Grace said...

Interestingly Therese Bugnet was the first rose to bloom in my garden this year too. I hope you continue to convalesce in your garden. What better place could there be?

Marguerite said...

Your columbine are absolutely lovely. Sorry to hear about the surgery but perhaps you were looking forward to being patched up? I liked your observation of feeling like you might want to hide out or feel bossy. I would be tempted to hide out but then I would miss all that was going on and would be sad to miss the action so my vote is rest and watch.

Kirsten said...

Good luck with your recovery. I love how you look at your time off to heal with such positivity. Enjoy your time to reflect and plan.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Andrea: You are too kind. It takes many, many tries to get one decent photograph – such is life!

Laurrie: You are so right. It is a special gift of time. The last time I had any extended quiet time in my life was the last six weeks of my pregnancy when I had bed rest. Of course, there was LOTS to think about then. :)

CGC: Thanks, Janice! I hope the weather is decent enough most of the time that I can get out as laying around the house is borrrrring.

CraftyG: My mother-in-law just got a new knee too and says it is the best thing that could’ve happened to her. I hope yours makes life better for you as well. Aren’t gazebos great for sitting and feeling spoiled.

Amy: Being still is a big adjustment, but it suits my nature, I am starting to realize. I could use a lot more of it in my life. I think I will have to make those workers some lemonade and then I will feel better.

Kiki: YOU are awesome! Your blog always energizes and renews my spirit. Thanks for visiting here.

Rebecca: Thanks for your kind wishes. I am glad to hear you mention the blooms last longer in the shade. I didn’t realize that. It makes me happy. :)

Grace: It is such a tough rose. I love that it blooms early but I wish it bloomed more often. Maybe if I feed it again I will get a second flush?

Marguerite: The initial thought of being a month “out of my usual life” was horrible, but now I see great value in it. I can see why people go on silent retreats etc. As far as the workers go, I am so undecided. Maybe I will just pop out from time to time.

Kirsten: Thank you! I feel more energy this week than last already and expect next week to be even better. This is a great time for dreaming and planning, looking back and looking forward. I may even dig out my writing journal and start jotting a few things down.

sweetbay said...

It's a great thing that you can enjoy your down time in the garden. Your photos are beautiful. They look like the stuff of dreams.

Clayton said...

Great observations! We only really get to do this when we are slowed down from the pace of life. Hope your well soon! You can see some of my Columbines over on the Gardenbuddies web site under Aquilegia.
As always great photos.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Sweetbay: I think I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to the garden and it is reflected in my photos. Too much Shakespeare in my student days must have permanently afflicted me. :)

Clayton: This quiet time is a rare thing for me and I am appreciating every moment of it. I am really pleased with the columbines and love their fanciful shapes and pastel colours. I will be sure to check out your photos - thanks!

Anna said...

There's never an ideal time for surgery but I am sure that relaxing in your garden will lead to a quicker recovery. I know that you will be directing proceedings from the couch when the time comes. Just make sure that they plant around you and the chaise lounge so you do not become a permanent fixture. Take care and hope that you are soon back to good health.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S girl : )
My goodness I hope you are truly recuperating and resting .. You are so very right about what our gardens give back to us .. a profound feeling only another true gardener knows what we are talking about .. it is a part of our core being. I hope the surgery heals quickly and that you feel much better SOON : )
I vote for the garden princess and a little of the bossy part too ?LOL and .. a snoop part to make sure all goes well !
Lay back and enjoy it all and wow! your beautiful plants look so serene and wonderful : ) they are flowing with positive vibes for YOU!
PS .. I have Tuesday as my scary day .. you are not alone ! LOL

The Garden Ms. S said...

Anna, Thanks for the encouraging words. I'll try not to let them "plant" me into a corner! lol

Joy, It's amazing how our bodies tell us to rest when our will is saying "go do something!" After overdoing it once or twice I am pacing myself better now and loving afternoon naps. I will be cheering for you on your scary day. :)

Helen said...

Ms S. Do you think it's possible for you to sit still in your gazebo with people out there planting? You're a more resolute woman than I would be! Take care of yourself, wherever you sit, and enjoy being thoroughly lazy. What a rare treat!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Helen, I think I will go crazy sitting out there. Must remember to give them some peace and only pop out from time to time. :)

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery for your surgery. I think you are right to just pop in from time to time on the guys helping you with the garden. Your pictures are just beautiful BTW.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Jennifer, thanks! Of course, now it is raining every day so my options may be limited... lol

Kim said...

I hope you are feeling better! And I'm glad that the garden has been such a retreat for you. I know what you mean by it being so hard to just sit back for a while. Love your Columbines!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Kim, getting better every day - thanks! I too have fallen in love with the columbines. They are so pretty, even the foliage, and they are so tough. I will definitely be getting more. :)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Your photos are so spectacular and meditative my friend..super-Beautiful...lovely eye-candy to revsiit!! Thankyou so much for visiting me and leaving such kind spirited words! You spark my heart!
Wishing you a magical week ahead!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Kiki, I do feel meditative in my garden :) A great week to you! xo

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

I love my columbines too! Beautiful photos! Enjoy the forced garden rest.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Sheryl, I have a whole new appreciation for columbines so that I know how hardy they are and see how many variations there are. If this rain clears up I will enjoy my enforced rest much, much more. Here's fingers crossed! :)