Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I don't know how to make this post not sappy

This is a post about rainbows and wishes. Just shoot me now. Really, does it get any sappier? I fink nottle. Stop reading now if you can't bear it. I warned you.

It was a dark and stormy supper hour... ;)

And then the west sky broke open and light streaked through to the east. We had a gorgeous rainbow - a double rainbow. My four-year-old boy jumped up and down on the front stoop, enchanted by the ribbon of colours that arched across the sky. He ran up and down the sidewalk in the rain, giddy and whooping. I explained to him that he could make a wish on the rainbow. He was dazzled by such an offer from the sky.

Finally, he determined what he wanted to wish for. Wait for it.

His wish was that the colour orange would come down out of the rainbow. He loves orange like nobody's business. All his favourite clothes and toys are orange. I know him and I know he wants to hug orange and probably rub noses too. So, Orange, did you hear that? Come on down anytime. You have a little fan waiting to meet you.

And the song below? That was the song that kicked off our wedding reception. I can't help myself today. I'm just a ball of mush. *sigh*

I hope you are finding some rainbows in your downpours this strange summer. Oh, and if you see orange, send it this way, won't you?


Andrea said...

hahaha, oranges the fruit type are plenty! But rainbows are really common here in the tropics as a slight drizzle will enduce them to appear, sometime they are even twins.

Laurrie said...

Sappy, yes. Sweet and heartwarming --- that too! I hope you and your son have a very orange day.

sweetbay said...

Rainbows are magical aren't they? :)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

AWww...what a sweet moment and beautiful story! What a sweetheart! Love the photos too...thanks for sharing your magic!
Happy Canada Day wkd!

Clayton said...

A great story as always! It reminds me of being about 13 or 14 and at friends house down the road (we lived in the country) after a rain. We took off shoes and socks and mud skated for at least 1/2 hour. Dirt roads are great for this. Here is another rainbow song I like.

Casa Mariposa said...

Rainbows are awesome and so are little boys who love orange. Does gaillardia grow for you? It comes in many shades of orange! So do zinnias. :)

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi All, thanks for your kind comments. I just couldn't resist making this post. :)

Clayton, I love the version of the song you linked too. It is so sweet.

Casa Mariposa, Because I am always on the lookout for orange items for my son I find myself being strangely drawn to the colour these days. (I am even eyeballing an orange leather purse!) I think I will find some orange annuals to create a pot for my son to have as his own. :)

Anonymous said...

A guy after my own heart ... I love orange and it's not often a colour that many people like. What a sweetie.