Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little White (and red) for Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of our red and white Canada flag, here is a one of my favourite Canadian whites, the Morden Snowbeauty rose. This sweet rose was bred here in Canada as part of the Parkland series at the Morden Research Station in Manitoba.

This is year three for this shrub rose for me and it just keeps getting better. It is tough with practically no winter dieback, the leaves are glossy and mildew resistant, and this year it has more blooms than it ever has. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Love it!

It is hardy to zone 2b and is said to grow to about 5 ft high and wide. Mine is at about 3 1/2 ft high this year and about 4 ft wide with a nice low rounded form.

My shrub is absolutely covered in buds this year - too many to even count. After this first flush I expect it to bloom intermittently throughout the summer. I don't give it any special treatment other than the usual deadheading, which results in a later second flush at the end of the summer. The buds have the palest pink veining in them that absolutely enchants me.

So here's a salute to my favourite plant blooming in my garden on Canada Day.

Oh, and as for the red of the Canada Day red and white? Just look at those gorgeous red thorns on the snowbeauty. Big and well-spaced enough to be easy to avoid, they add a lovely contrast to the creamy white blooms.

Have fun where ever you are this Canada Day and think of us northern gardeners keeping it beautiful in the GWN! xo


garden design sydney said...

What a beautiful flowers these are having same shape and size. Looking very much beautiful; love to have all of them in my garden. This flower really makes the garden complete and beautiful.

garden design sydney

em said...

Beautiful flowers. This is what Canada means: white=peace, red= passion, in my opinion the best description of this amazing country. And because today we celebrate a very special event, I want to wish wellness, health and beauty to all Canadians.
Happy Birthday Canada!!!!
Here is a little present for you.

Laurrie said...

This is a gorgeous rose. Just beautiful. Happy Canada Day to you and to your roses!

Anonymous said...

A nice 'exploration' of the Morden Snowbeauty. I particularly like the shot with the thorns, glowing in the dappled light.

sweetbay said...

What a beautiful rose! Beautiful photos too.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Well that's another rose for my "must have" list.

Thanks, it's absolutely beautiful.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Marguerite said...

We had a similar thought featuring red and white. I love how you found the colours on the same plant though. Very thoughtful.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Thanks All! I hope you all enjoyed a great day as well.
Z3b: I love the thorns on the snowbeauty. Glad I got some decent, if fleeting, light to photograph them in. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

ms s I am VERY late getting back to you to wish you a Happy Canada day (hope the weather was great for you so all of you could spend time near the garden!) .. Now you have added to my lust list .. I love the Morden series but I don't have this gorgeous one .. so now I have started my 2012 list ??? LOL
Beautiful pictures girl !
Joy : )

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Joy, thanks, we had a great holiday and hope you did too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, must figure out a way to add this rose to my front rose garden. I've never contemplated adding a white rose, but your photos and description make me want one. I love Parkland roses ... they are low maintenance and best, survive here.

My roses are having a stellar year so far. All the rain must be to their liking, although I'm surprised because there hasn't been much heat. Ah, the joys of prairie gardening.