Monday, June 22, 2009

All is Quiet Now

The landscapers are gone now. They have left me with my new,

empty garden. A green carpet in a room with with no adornment other than a wall of spruce.

I do have a few treasures I saved from last summer when I just couldn't help myself and shopped at the end-of-season sales. Suprisingly, they all survived.

So many ways to paint a blank canvas.

There is much to do and much to decide. But right now, it is just so peaceful. As we wait for the grass to settle in, I sit out on the steps and stare. I walk around the edges of the beds and dream.

I feel blessed to have this little space to call my own. I know this garden will be the site of many happy family events, soft days, and cherished memories. I am truly grateful.

Soon, the grass will have knit itself into the earth and I will lay on my back in the yard on a warm night and stare at the stars.

And then, I will begin to garden.

The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth. ~Chinese Proverb


Anonymous said...

It turned out very nicely! The display of potted plants has a design quality of its own too, very creative :) I love that Chinese proverb at the end of your post - I think that is so true!

The Garden Ms. S said...

TGF: Thank you! It is very serene right now. I like understated with a few pops of "Wow!" here and there, so I will probably bring in lots of various green textures and foliage as I develop it.

I give credit to hubby for placing the pots as we decide where to put the plants. He has a good eye for form and line so I will be calling on his advice lots in the garden.

I like the quote too, it somehow seems soothing. Cheers!

ruthie said...

how exciting, a blank canvas!! and imagining all th posibilities

The Garden Ms. S said...

ruthie: I dream, dream, dream! (and read, read, read!) I think I am almost ready to commit to my first new trees.

Of course, I want everything and I want it now, but I am learning patience :)