Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Gift from my Father

My Dad came for an overnight visit last weekend for Father’s Day and we had a fabulous time. (Yes, we ended up going to a nursery, but that’s another post!)

He was very pleased to see that we took the plunge on bringing our garden to life. Last summer, our first summer here, when it was all gravel and concrete and clay (with no fence, even), he gave us some iris bulbs to get us started.

I think he knew I needed to watch something grow. I put them in a pot and they grew leaves, which was very nice. At the end of the season we popped them in the ground to keep them over the winter. Again, this spring we dug them up and put them in a pot to save them as the landscapers were coming. They sat in a pot on the side of the house for a month waiting for the landscapers to arrive and to leave. Hubby set the hose to reach the pots back there that were hidden behind a patio table and chairs, our little son’s play structure and boulders we saved. We hoped for the best.

Well, last week we brought all the pots back out again, and lo and behold, everything is alive! The irises even had small buds on them – most elegant, I thought.

When I came home tonight from work, they were open! I was expecting plain purple because that’s what Dad said they were. Obviously, he must have other irises in his yard as well. I am quite pleased with these, my first flowers for this garden, as they have white on them – and I do have a soft spot for the radiance of white. I don’t know what they are called so if you know, please leave a comment with the name.

I do know they are lovely. Thanks, Dad!

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