Sunday, June 14, 2009

Barely even thinking about this at all, really...

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”

About three weeks ago, I took the new camera from work home to practice with as part of my training. It is a Nikon D700 (that's all I can tell you about the techie stuff). It is a digital SLR and a whole lot more camera than my little point and click digital. I loved it! For one thing, it seems to work best if you actually use your eye in the viewfinder (my preference always!) to focus, as opposed to looking at the little screen. It made me nostalgic for my long-gone ancient film SLR, a second hand Nikon FG.

I don't expect I will actually be buying a camera as sweet as the work one as it is probably more camera than I need, and pricey. So what do I need in a camera? Well, I want something that will focus on what I want to focus on, not on everything. I really miss having that depth of field in my pictures. I want to use my eye to frame the picture and pick the point of focus, not rely on the little screen. I want one that I can add lenses to, if I become proficient enough to want them. So what am I taking photos of? My son, my garden, nature in general and whatever else inspires me.

I am a Nikon fan and if I like something I tend to be brand loyal. I wasn't planning to buy a new camera any time soon, but after using the work camera it's really hard to go back to the one I have. So I've been peeking on the Nikon site and am starting to swoon a little, I'm afraid. I am thinking of going to a good camera shop, like McBains, to look at a few like the D60 and the D80. I think I even recall someone telling me that they will give you a little lesson with your new camera if you so choose.

Does anyone have experience with either the D60 or D80 or other Nikon camera? I welcome hearing your opinions.

Not that I'm buying or anything! Just looking! *Ahem* And for any loved ones reading this, forget about my birthday coming in a couple months...don't even think of it! Really. I mean it, really.


Anonymous said...

Both cameras will produce good images, but;

- The D60 flash does not trigger wireless Nikon flashes.

- The D60 can only use AF-S lenses. Some auto-focus lenses will not work with it.

However, the D60 is lighter and has an anti-dust system, which may be preferable to some.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Cameravoyages: Thank you for this good information! These are the kind of details I don't have enough knowledge to pick up myself. Cheers.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Ms. S !
Thank you for visiting my blog and I am fascinated with your climate growing zone so I will certainly be adding you to my blog roll if you don't mind ?
I love your blog format .. I go to black in September .. building up for Halloween (you might have noticed I'm a Halloween nut ?) haha
What you described about creating "that look" to your pictures is exactly what I LOOK for as well. I almost NEVER use the screen .. I always use the view finder .. a lot of times I'm still not getting what I want in the composition of the picture .. I am considering an SLR later .. I just got this Olympus 59OUZ .. I didn't want to change lenses for optical zoom .. this gives me 26 x optical Z.
BUT .. I use my older 56OUZ for plant pictures .. the 59OUZ is a higher MP but a lot of noise can happen in the picture .. it is excellent for sky/cloud shots though !
Sorry .. I have gone on here too long .. I doubt you will publish this book ? LOL
I look forward to reading your blog : ) Thanks !

The Garden Ms. S said...

GardenJoy: It's so nice to have you visit my blog!

Thank you for the comments regarding cameras. I have a lot to learn so I really appreciate any information. :)