Monday, September 7, 2009

September Sunshine

Need a jolt of September sunshine? Just fill your monitor with these sumptious flowers and your room will glow.

Yesterday we took our little two-year-old to the butterfly house at the Devonian Gardens, a botanical garden just outside the city run by the University of Alberta. (Oh yes, he loved it, and I promise to share pictures!)

On the way out he and his Daddy bought me this bouquet at the gift shop - only 5 bucks!

When we got home I added the mountain ash berries from one of my trees and some greenery from a shrub that needed pruning back.

Now they sit on my mantel in the family room and radiate good cheer out into the hallway.

Hope September is sending good cheer your way!


sweet bay said...

Beautiful bouquet! I like those Lion's Mane sunflowers.

A butterfly house sounds like a wonderful place to visit!

Sarah O. said...

What a lovely bouquet! And a good idea on the mountain ash berries. Before I left Nova Scotia, I noticed a cedar waxwing coming around once every few days. I think he was scoping out our mountain ash berries, waiting for them to be perfectly ripe.

Northern Shade said...

It has the cheery exuberance of a Van Gogh painting of sunflowers. The mountain ash in the neighbourhood are starting to attract birds now. I had to take out my Viburnum that was growing into the eaves, but the birds used to enjoy those berries too.

Gardenista said...

Beautiful colors on those flowers! Do post those pics. I've never been to the Devonian botanical gardens but hope to visit someday. I hear they have an alpine garden there too.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Wow! Five bucks, I cannot believe it, we charge $5.00 for one of the Teddy Bear sunflowers, at the flower shop in Toronto where I work. Great bouquet! Was the butterfly house not unbelievably hot? I went to the one in Niagara Falls, in March, it was beautiful.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Sweetbay: My little son loves these flowers too. He pats the flowers like he would one of his stuffed animals. :)

Sarah O: Aren't cedar waxwings beautiful? I just love their distinctively elegant profile. I hope you get back to NS occasionally during your studies - I'm sure you will miss it :)

Northern Shade: I know just the painting you are thinking of, and yes, this bouquet has all that gorgeous sunshine in it. We have two mountain ash in the front and the birds just love them in the winter.

Gardenista: You will love the Devonian Gardens. The alpine garden is spectacular. I did get a couple of pictures of it that I will post.

Deborah: I thought this bouquet was a great deal! I think maybe they grow the flowers on site. The butterfly house was quite warm but it was a cool rainy day so it was a nice contrast. My little guy loved it.

tlc illustration said...

Small children and butterfly gardens are a perfect combination. I loved taking mine to one when they were little.

Those are my favorite sunflowers for arrangements. Gorgeous combination (and the mountain ash/rowan berries are a perfect addition. I have a "Rowan" Celtic tree painting all drawn up on watercolor paper ready to be painted... If I ever get a break...)

Kat_RN said...

What a pretty arrangement. I am jelous of your trip to the butterfly house. This is the first time I have visited your blog, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

ruthie said...

how beautiful, a real ray of sunshine. i love butterfly farms, we had one near to us and my wee boy used to love it, i loved watching his mouth go o with wonder!