Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey, Little Bud

Remember the hosta I bought, then froze, then kept potted for two months while the garden was renovated?

Well, this sweet little thing, ‘Touch of Class’, has settled in nicely and has now decided to send up a bud. Now? Yes, now. Sept. 16 to be exact.

I hope I get to see it bloom before this warm, sunny autumn takes a turn in the other direction. This is my first summer with this hosta so maybe this is typical for this hosta when planted in zone 3b - or maybe things are just a little off this year?

Either way, I'm delighted to see it. Bloom soon, won't you little bud?


sweet bay said...

Lovely hosta! I hope it blooms for you!

Anonymous said...

I adore hostas -- I hope this bud opens for you. :)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

I'm impressed, I don't see any bite marks on the leaves. My hostas are looking quite lacy this time of year. A gorgeous hosta, I will have to look for this variety.

In The Garden said...

Hello Ms S, you have a lovely blog :). My hosta also sent up a bud in september (I'm also in AB), I was surprised and delighted to see it. I hope yours has time to bloom before frost. Rebecca

The Garden Ms. S said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you for stopping by :)

My hosta bud is still showing signs of swelling but it is really a race against time now. I will be out tomorrow evening to check it as it is supposed to get below freezing this week. (Yikes!)